4 Facts Of The Administrative Staff That You Should Know

4 Facts Of The Administrative Staff That You Should Know – infomediaku.net

The administrative staff is a position that is always there in every company. Even though it is not a high position, there are still many who underestimate the job as administrative staff.

Most people would argue that their duties as administrative staff are just about taking care of incoming and outgoing reports. In fact, the responsibilities of administration are quite numerous and not easy.

In addition, there are also those who underestimate that the salaries of administrative staff positions in all companies are very low, even though this is not necessarily true.

4 Facts Of The Administrative Staff

For those who don’t know, you should consider the following reviews regarding some facts on the work of administrative staff starting from their duties to the salaries that Infomediaku.net has summarized from various sources.

1. Administrative Staff Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Administrative staff in each company have different roles and responsibilities. But there are main jobs that do not look at the type of company. The following is a job description:

  • Coordinating with secretaries or administrative staff from other divisions if there are joint events such as meetings or others.
  • Collecting, compiling, and storing important company documents properly.
  • Looking for tickets and accommodation when there are events or services outside the city.
  • Responsible for the availability of office stationery.
  • Perform manipulation of statistical data if there is an urgent situation.

Even though it looks simple, the job of the administrative staff is not that easy. For example, when writing a letter, you must ensure that there is nothing wrong with the spelling in the letter. In addition, make sure all company operations run smoothly and are coordinated both downward and upward.

2. Administrative Staff Roles

Administrative staff should always be ready in any event or unforeseen situation. You are required to fully master the supervisor’s schedule.

If the company is advanced enough and uses an online system, usually the schedule will go into everyone’s electronic calendar or Google Calendar. With this system, leaders can also access their own schedules.

However, there are employees or company leaders who pay less attention to Google Calendar, so that administrative staff or secretaries are also required to have a good time organization. Not only that, in meetings, administrative staff can also act as note-takers so that their presence is quite important.

3. Skills Development

Every work that is done now is expected to be able to hone skills to be better than provisions for the future. Although a job as administrative staff is not easy and is often seen as less prestigious. However, you have to look for positive things that can be used for future career continuation.

The ability to make presentations well and present them in detail is one of the things that can continue to be honed. You must be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist today to improve your skills for the better.

In addition, there are other skills that can develop well if you work as an administrative staff, namely the ability of the administrative staff to serve others well, quickly, and accurately. This is important so that you can expand your network in the following year.

4. Administrative Staff Salary

Supposedly, the salaries received by administrative staff have reached the Regional Minimum Wage (RMW) in each city. However, sometimes there are those who get a lower salary than the UMR if the company is a non-profit.

For those of you who are applying for a secretary in a mid-level private office with a multinational company, of course, you will provide a different salary. Apart from salary, usually the size of the company you enter also affects other benefits or facilities.

Apply for Jobs at the Best Companies

If you are really interested in working as an administrative staff, it would be better if you apply for a job at the best company that already has stable management, especially for salaries and employee welfare.

The reason is, if you choose a company that has not been stable, it is possible that the work demands provided will not be balanced with the salary.

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