5 Investment Tips for Newlyweds: What it is?

5 Investment Tips for Newlywedsinfomediaku.net

Marriage is a happy thing as well as a first step in building a household. When it comes to finances, the newlyweds may have spent a large part of their savings on hosting a wedding party or reception.

It is undeniable that the cost of a wedding reception is not cheap unless they choose to only celebrate the wedding in a very simple way without a festive wedding party, where generally the bride and groom invite hundreds or even thousands of invited guests.

However, when the reception is over, it is not uncommon for many newlyweds to feel confused and experience financial difficulties. This is due to many factors, for example, they have spent all their savings on wedding expenses without thinking ahead, post-wedding finances.

In order to avoid financial difficulties in the future, of course, the newlyweds must be financially literate. At least, knowing how to manage money properly so that the household is always harmonious without any financial problems.

One of the ways to manage money that can be done by newlyweds is investing. Yes, this investment is important, especially the newlyweds, of course, have a lot of financial goals to be realized in the future.

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5 Investment Tips for Newlyweds

So, what is a good investment for newly married couples? what are the things that need to be done in advance so that the investment runs smoothly and consistently? Here are 5 investment tips for newlyweds that you should know about.

1. Immediately Pay Off Debt, Especially Consumptive Debt

The first step before you invest for a newly married bride is to start with eliminating debt. Yes, this is important to do, because if you take installments for a wedding reception, and so on. Then you should use the prize money from your wedding party to pay off this debt.

Remember, debt can hold you back from investing. So prioritize paying off the debts you have before investing. Debt will also make your household finances unstable, so wouldn’t it be better if you started a household life without debt.

Tips: As long as your old debts are like consumptive debts, don’t ever be tempted to add new debt. Control your appetite for consumptive spending if you don’t have to. Remember, this needs to be done so that you can focus on your financial goals, namely investing.

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2. Create Investment Goals

The next step is to make investment goals. Understand that investing with a specific goal will make you and your partner even more excited to invest. Discuss this well with your partner. Make a joint investment goal, what are the financial plans and dreams that you both want to realize.

As an illustration, the newlyweds’ investment goals start from buying a car, owning a house, going on a honeymoon trip, preparing expenses for your prospective child, investing for retirement, and so on.

Tips: Furthermore, after you and your partner have determined investment goals. You both also need to add to each other’s knowledge about investing. Yes, especially now that the types and varieties of investment products are increasingly diverse. Beware of online investment scams with exorbitant profits from offers of deadly seduction by fake or fake investment individuals.

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3. Recognize and Select Investment Products According to Purpose

Before investing, you and your partner need to know a variety of investment products. This is necessary so that you avoid fraud or fake investments.

There are many types of investment, for example, gold investment (gold bullion / precious metal or gold jewelry). Then property investment (house, apartment, land, etc.) and there is also a low-risk investment in banking products, namely deposits.

When you understand investment products, then you need to choose an investment that suits your goals. Remember, every investment product is designed differently, there is an investment product that is suitable and more profitable for the long term.

Tips: You also need to look at the various levels of risk in each investment. The key to successful investing is to choose an investment product that you understand, according to your financial condition, in accordance with your financial goals and investment risk profile for you and your partner. Next, don’t forget to diversify your investment portfolio so that your investment results can be maximized.

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4. Investing with The Marriage Prize Fund? Why not!

When your financial condition and your partner after the wedding reception are in good health without debt. Then congratulations to both of you!

The next step, regarding investment, would it be better if the gift from your wedding reception was directly used for investment? Questioning this, he answered, why not. Discuss and decide together with your partner and also understand the importance of investing in your future.

If you are still confused about where to invest, then you can save your wedding gift money safely and profitably through a low-risk investment product from banking, namely deposits.

Deposits are more profitable than saving money in a savings account. By saving in the form of a deposit, your money cannot be easily disbursed before maturity ends.

Of course, for what portion of this investment, you can talk together. Apart from investing, you can also use your wedding ‘angpao’ prize money for emergency fund savings.

5. Buy Houses For Investments

The next investment tip is to buy a house. Yes, why not as a new partner if you are still in doubt about what investment, buying a house to live in can be an option.

Every couple who is married and has a household must need a house or place to live in their daily lives. If you really don’t have a debt to pay off then invest your money to buy a house.

6. Invest Time and Improve Ability

Another investment tip for newly married couples is to invest time and continue to hone skills. Recognize that time is extremely valuable and cannot be bought.

Time is like a sword that can injure anyone who does not use it properly and wisely. Therefore, invest your time as best you can to learn various things, including investing in the capital market, as well as skills that can support you / your partner to increase income.

That’s 5 Investment tips for Newlyweds that you should know and may you can try it whenever you want.

Try Investing Now

No need to delay investing. You can start now with minimal investment capital. No need to be discouraged if after marriage you and your partner are still unstable finances. The key, keep trying to do your best, love your partner, and don’t forget to invest for a better financial future.

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