Here are 6 Bad Traits New Workers Should Avoid

Here are 6 Bad Traits New Workers Should Avoid –

After completing education, it is time to start a new life in the world of work. Some people feel happy because eventually, they don’t have to study all day long because working can make money.

Becoming a new worker will certainly be very challenging because in the workplace there will be many new things to learn. For example, questioning work, managing salaries, dealing with superiors, socializing in the work environment, and many others.

6 Bad Traits New Workers Should Avoid

Do not be surprised when you just start working you still see the bad qualities that are generally done. If you are a new worker, try to check the following bad traits that new workers should be avoided.

1. Can Not Distinguish Between Formal and Non-formal

When you want to apply for a job, of course, the first thing that a prospective employee must prepare is that in addition to making a job application that will go to the target company, the prospective worker must also determine what kind of clothes are suitable when called for an interview.

However, unfortunately, not a few of them still feel confused about the choice of clothing such as wearing material pants, long or short skirts, long or short shirts, colored or not, and so on.

This makes them unable to distinguish when to be formal and non-formal. Don’t worry, there is a way to solve it, which is to find out the company’s style first whether it looks relaxed or vice versa. You can find out about it through related websites, or your own social network. That way, it will be easier for you to decide whether to be formal or informal.

3. Do Not Dare to Take The Initiative

Entering a new environment often makes people afraid to take initiative because of fear of being wrong, embarrassed or scolded. It should be noted, nowadays most companies have followed the times that require workers to have the courage to take the initiative in conveying ideas or opinions.

However, there are also companies that do not provide freedom for this, but all ideas or opinions depend on their superiors. Therefore, act according to your scope of work so that it runs smoothly.

4. Talking Too Often

Chatting with colleagues is necessary because it will help you in completing work. However, chatting too much will make your image bad in the eyes of your colleagues or superiors. Everything has a time and a place. Chatting with work friends is better done during breaks or after work, don’t do it during working hours because besides disturbing other people’s work, your work is also disturbed.

5. Excessive Mobile Play

Starting a job requires determination and high focus so that the results will also be maximum. Sometimes new workers get bored easily and are diverted from their focus to other things, for example, playing too often on their cell phones because of the many incoming message notifications.

This of course will hamper your work and the results will not be satisfactory. Not only that, if you experience this continuously, your boss will not hesitate to call you to improve the quality of your work. So, it’s better to stop using your cellphone excessively during working hours.

6. Don’t Know Your Own Value

Good or bad one’s performance depends on the value given by colleagues or superiors. As an employee, of course, you can estimate how much value you’ve got for your performance so far. This is of course to motivate you to work even better.

However, most new workers today cannot judge themselves which makes them unable to develop properly. Conditions like this, of course, should not be left too lazy, because your career will be threatened.

7. Wasteful at the Beginning of the Month

Successfully making money yourself, usually makes you tend to waste money at the beginning of the month. Your money will be running low in the middle of the month, so you will have to live in a fit and even lacking a way to get through the month.

If you don’t want to feel that, be a smart worker with long-term thinking. Better to save a month than languish at the end of the month.

Be a Good New Worker!

Everyone wants to be a good new worker. So, start learning to be more professional at work because by doing so, you can highlight the good side of yourself in front of your colleagues and superiors. In addition, learn to manage money, whatever your income, it will be enough if it can be managed wisely.

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