Top 10 Best Passive Income Ideas to Make Money in 2021 | Top 10 Best Passive Income Ideas for You to Make Money in 2021

Actually, in this industrial era 4.0, getting passive income is not a difficult thing. Everyone can get a passive income job. It remains how they can organize the work so that it continues to generate long-term income.

Every initial job is not able to generate an income passively. There is a struggle that every worker must strive for. Until finally, income can be obtained without the need to do hard work anymore.

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What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the income that someone gets by doing as little activity as possible, without having to play an active role in it.

This income can even be obtained without making any effort. This means that in a state of sleep, a person can still earn this income. Looks fun, right?

Apart from business, most occupations that provide passive income are the creative industries. This is because workers in the creative industry are dealing with work. As you know, every work is copyrighted of course.

Well, the creative industry workers can decide. Will they sell the copyright to their work, or just rent it out for future royalties? They have full rights over it.

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10 Best Passive Income Ideas to Help You Make More Money

Getting more interested? There are several passive income ideas that we show to You. Here’s how to get passive income by taking advantage of your creativity and expertise.

1. Become a Youtuber or Influencer

There are various jobs in the creative industry that can generate an income passively. One of them is by becoming a Youtuber or Influencer on social media.

This job requires its wrestlers to cooperate with the platform that houses it. As a Youtuber, for example, you will certainly work with a platform that has this red logo.

There are two incomes that can be obtained from Youtube.

  • First, direct income from Youtube. The income will be given when the videos created and uploaded reach a predetermined number of viewers. The more the number of viewers who see the uploaded video, Youtube will also pay more money to the YouTuber.
  • The second income can be obtained from advertising. This can happen if the video uploader includes Google AdSense in the uploaded video. From there, every video that is viewed will be added with ads automatically. Youtuber will get passive income from these ads too. The more viewers, the more advertising revenue that comes in.

The same applies to those who become influencers on Instagram or Twitter. The difference is, Influencers get passive income from sponsorships and endorsements.

However, to get that passive income, both YouTubers and Influencers have to pay attention to many things.

Not only that, but they also have to maintain the quality of the content produced. So, the resulting content is not only good on several occasions.

Of course, to reach that point, there are many things that must be done and worked on first. For example, educating yourself on how to operate a camera or editing interesting videos and images, and diligently uploading content.

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2. Affiliated Marketing

After becoming a Youtuber and Influencer who is known and already has loyal followers. You can do affiliate marketing with products or brands that are in line with the content you have.

Affiliate marketing means that you will get a commission from marketing made on a product or company brand. Usually, this is calculated from how many referral codes are redeemed.

Affiliate marketing can also be done in other ways besides advertising and providing referral codes to followers. These influencers or YouTubers can also become brand ambassadors of companies that are collaborating with them.

Different from just doing affiliate marketing. To become a brand ambassador for a product, you must market the product in any predetermined content.

Affiliate marketing is passive income ideas that you can try to get more profit in teh future.

3. Selling Photos to Photography Websites

This one job is suitable for those of you who fall in love with the world of photography and have adequate equipment.

You can register as a contributor to image provider websites that are often encountered today. The resulting photos will be valued according to the standards that every photography website has.

As a photo content producer, you just have to adjust which website is in line with your hobbies or skills.

For example, those of you who like to capture pictures of wild animals can register as a contributor to National Geographic or other relevant websites.

Some websites that provide stock photo buying and selling services and can be used as options in the future are shutterstock, istockphoto, zapmetasearch, and many more. You just have to follow, the theme that is determined and the website owner himself will determine whether the photo is appropriate or not.

It’s different if you are a photography person who is more comfortable in the studio and struggling with the property. You can register yourself as a contributor to a photographer providing stock photos or offer product photo services. You can offer photo services for your products through social media, websites, or even starting by word of mouth.

One of the websites that offer freelance photographer services for product shooting is Fiverr. You just need to create a portfolio and sell it on your Fiverr account, then wait until someone is interested and offers your services.

This also includes work that generates passive income because you don’t need a lot of meaningful activities to get income.

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4. Create Online Courses

It’s almost the same as being a Youtuber. This time, you can use your hidden abilities (whatever that field) to create teaching content across multiple platforms.

There are several choices of content that you can produce. One of them is contained in the form of videos that show how you are teaching. Indirectly you provide services as a teacher online.

The fields occupied can also be varied. For example, as a culinary graduate, instead of becoming a chef, you can pass on cooking knowledge to the mothers at home.

Well, from there you can make a video that contains a course or cooking method that the audience can follow. These videos can be uploaded on Youtube, other social media accounts, or build your own online course website.

Those who wish to take courses must pay for membership. From this payment, the owner can determine which content they can access and also how much more they have to add to get premium access.

5. Create an Ebook

You can make writing hobby as passive income too, you know! You can write about anything, be it fiction or non-fiction. Then package it attractively in the form of an eBook.

Before creating an eBook, you must first know what you want to achieve. Would you like to cover a topic in-depth? Solve the problem? Or just entertaining readers?

Whatever the goal, make sure you answer the reader’s expectations. This is why you also need to know who your target audience is and what you can do to get them interested in the eBook.

After the eBook is finished, of course, you have to publish it, right? There are two ways you can try:

Send it to the publisher’s platform. Like Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or Publish it on its own platform. For example, you can sell eBooks on your WordPress website by using a plugin such as Sell Digital Downloads.

Don’t forget to promote your eBook on various platforms. Whether it’s a website, social media accounts, to email.

6. Installing Ads on Blogs

Did you know that you can get income from every blog post that you make?

Maybe you already know or have heard of this method. Yes, you just have to show ads on each post. You can do this by linking your blog to Google AdSense.

You will benefit every time a visitor clicks on the ad in your post.

After your Google AdSense account is active, there are two ways you can choose to display ads in posts:

  • Auto Ads – As the name implies. Google will automatically choose the most appropriate ad type for your posts. This is a great option if you are quick and easy to advertise it.
  • Ad Units – With this option, you can define your own type, size, and position of ads in your posts. Don’t worry, Google has made a complete guide to do it.

Although simple, getting passive income from a blog takes patience. You need to produce quality content consistently to attract loyal readers. A large amount of traffic will increase the likelihood of an ad is clicked on.

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7. Invest

When you hear the word investing, you might immediately think of a famous investor like Warren Buffet. Or maybe you even immediately imagine investment terms that sound meticulous, such as capital gains, cut losses, or blue-chip stocks.

Even though it sounds complicated, investing is one of the popular choices to gain passive income. What’s more, investing is no longer a difficult thing.

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8. Selling Digital Artwork

Do you have a hobby of making digital artwork such as logos, banners, or invitations? Well, you can also sell them on the internet! Simply save your work on the artwork selling platform, then let the passive income flow.

Before deciding what work you want to sell, make sure you know who your target market is. For example, you could target new companies for the logo you created.

Remember, works of art are very dependent on originality. Make sure the artwork you create is unique.

If you already know what artwork you want to market, sell it on a platform like Etsy or Creative Market. You can also sell them through your own platforms such as websites or social media accounts.

Don’t forget to promote your work too. For example, you could do this on a platform with a broad customer base such as social media. For that, you need to learn about social media marketing.

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9. Renting out property

Do you own an unused house, apartment unit, or building? If so, you can use it as a source of passive income too!

For example, you can imagine the passive income a boarding house owner gets. If there is a boarding house containing 10 rooms, and each room costs $ 100 dollars per month, then the owner of the boarding house can enjoy a gross income of up to $ 1000 dollars per month!

Just like the previous tips, you also have to consider your target market. For example, suppose your landlord targets married couples who work in the suburbs. Or your boarding house targets students and office workers.

Also, make sure the property you are offering is safe and livable.

You can market your property through various online property rental platforms. You can also try marketing it via social media. For the price, consider what amenities your property has, as well as its location.

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10. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a way to make money on the internet which is quite popular. Because this method allows you to sell without having a product.

How does the dropshipping system work? it’s very easy, you just need to find a supplier for a product on the internet. Then market the product on your website or in the online marketplace. After that, if someone buys, all you have to do is order the product to be sent to the buyer. It’s easy, right?

That way, you don’t need to pay for inventory at all. You can even start this business without capital! You only need a supplier and a platform to market their products.

Dropshipping is an interesting source of passive income. Especially if your business can make the transaction flow automatic. Starting from restocking, order, to request delivery of goods.

If you want to start a dropshipping business on your WordPress website, use a plugin like WooCommerce to build an online store.

Which Best Passive Income Ideas Are Right For You?

If you are looking for additional sources of income, passive income is the answer. There are so many ideas you can try. In this article, we have explained the 10 Best passive income ideas by infomediaku version. Starting become influencer to dropshipping.

Which passive income ideas would you like to try? Have you decided to do business?

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