Buying Health Insurance Tips: 11 Things Before Buying!

Buying Health Insurance Tips: 12 Things Before

Today, human needs for health insurance are increasingly needed to be fulfilled. This is related to guarantees that protect your financial sector, in the event of something unwanted, such as accidents, chronic illnesses, and natural disasters.

Today, the cost of medical treatment, doctors, and hospitalization is increasing. Plus if the disease you have is classified as a serious illness. You can say that you are a healthy person today. However, you will not know how your health will be in the future. For that, you need to take preventive action by protecting yourself and your family with health insurance.

When you have reached the limit of your financial capacity, and at that time you have to pay for medical expenses, there will often be many things at stake, for example to pawn jewelry, vehicles, and even houses. You can also go into debt if the situation is very urgent.

You will be very lucky if you work for a company that has health insurance coverage. What if not? So try to have your own insurance. Choose health insurance from an insurance service company.

You can also register for insurance that is administered by the government. The problem is, there are still many people who do not understand important things before buying a health insurance policy. In addition to the things that need to be fulfilled, the rights that will be obtained, this also concerns health insurance options that are feasible to choose from.

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Buying Health Insurance Tips

For that, you need to pay attention to the following important things before you buy health insurance. You can read the article below about buying health insurance tips.

1. Name of Insurance Product

Each insurance product has a very diverse name. Because when you are looking for health insurance, the provider company must have more than one product name.

For that, you must be careful and know carefully the name of an insurance product that you will choose.

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2. Choosing a Health Insurance Provider Company

Choose an insurance company with a good track record of excellent products and services. One of the characteristics of a good insurance company is that it has many branches. To find out, you can search for information through the internet or newspapers.

To be more sure, look for your colleague or relative who has tried insurance at a company. Try to find and compare companies that provide the most benefits.

Pay attention and compare the benefits of the premium that must be paid. Choose a product that suits your financial needs and abilities. Don’t force yourself to take expensive insurance. You can cut your budget by choosing a regular room when you have to be hospitalized, not necessarily a luxury one.

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3. Health Insurance Provisions

Learn in advance what kind of services are offered by the company, and what are the benefits that can be obtained. Read the entire chapter by chapter in detail, because usually they often include terms that are not understandable or have a bias in meaning.

If you still don’t understand it, you can ask questions until you get a clear answer. Make sure that the insurance policy covers the medical expenses you want, such as hospital fees, doctors, medicines, and surgery costs.

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4. Guarantee or Coverage

It is imperative that you as a prospective customer understand this very well. Because it can influence your decision to buy insurance or not. Every customer has the same thoughts so that the insurance they buy can fulfill their needs optimally. That is, to protect from various risks of disease and various health problems in the future.

You need to know what risks the insurance will cover. In addition, also pay attention to whether there is a maximum age limit that the insurance product you will choose can guarantee. Last but not least, you also need to know how many other family members insurance can cover.

5. Claim Value Per Year

In general, insurance agents will provide a table of the claim values that you will receive as a potential customer when you are sick each year.

For example, the rates for general practitioners, specialist doctors, prescription drugs, types of diseases, and others. When the maximum claim has been exceeded, the rest of the treatment will be borne by you.

6. Hospital Network and Reimbursement System

The more choices of hospitals that work with insurance companies, it means the better the product. Even more so if the insurance product is accepted in all hospitals. Therefore, you can calmly rely on that insurance product.

You as a prospective customer will feel comfortable when having treatment. Simply by showing your insurance card, your problem can be resolved. This method is known as cashless, which means you don’t have to pay at the hospital because it is covered by the insurance company.

In addition, consider whether the reimbursement system applies. This system means you have to pay first before you can file a claim with the insurance company. For reimbursement, customers are usually required to attach a prescription and a diagnosis form signed by the doctor.

7. Inpatient and Outpatient Procedures

In health insurance, there are two types of treatment covered, namely in-patient treatment and out-patient treatment. You need to check whether your insurance agent provides inpatient or outpatient coverage.

For outpatient care, you also need to ask how the insurance company will provide reimbursement for medical or laboratory tests as promised in the policy. Of course, if the participant experiences inpatient or outpatient care at a clinic or hospital.

A good insurance product will make customers comfortable because they don’t have to bother taking care of hospital administration. You only need to show your insurance card and no longer need to pay cash to get the service you want because it has been covered by the insurance company.

Meanwhile, for hospitalization, the procedure is dependent on the premium paid. The hospital will check the insurance benefits according to the class of health services. For example, the insurance company gives a room fee of $ 50 USD. This price is equivalent to a class III room. Therefore, the hospital will recommend that patients be treated in class III rooms.

However, what if the Class III room was full? Usually, the insurance company will increase the facilities to be higher. But this is only temporary until a Class III inpatient room is available and the patient will be transferred.

If you want to upgrade because you are not satisfied with the facilities you get, you can upgrade the class independently. This is done by asking for a “Statement of Willingness to Pay Difference in Fees” to be filled in and signed by the patient or patient’s family.

8. Risk of Accident, Permanent Disability, and Death

In health insurance products, there are two types of products, namely pure and additional (riders). Pure health insurance only covers reimbursement of medical expenses or laboratory tests when sick. Insurance coverage can be expanded if prospective customers want this rider’s facility as additional insurance.

Riders are reimbursed of all hospital expenses due to accidents, treatment for critical illnesses, and compensation for death.

This additional insurance or riders serves to optimize the main insurance program. However, you must be wondering about the expansion of those benefits. Do you have to add more premiums or are they included in the benefits of the product?

If you don’t really understand the benefits, you should ask for illustrations of what events are guaranteed by insurance. The illustration is, for example, an accident on a highway due to being hit by a vehicle. Will insurance cover all treatment or are there other conditions that need to be prepared.

9. Medical Check-Up

There are insurers that provide medical check-ups and some don’t. If there is a medical check-up, usually the insurance company wants to measure the health risk of a prospective customer. If a customer is diagnosed with a certain disease, the insurance policy may be rejected. Or if possible, the customer will get the consequences, namely paying more premiums.

Most insurance products do not include the burden of medical check-up costs as covered, or in other words, the costs are borne by the customer. This policy is intended so as not to be misused by those who just want to do a free check-up. So, you need to make sure from the start whether there is a medical check-up or not.

10. Knowing How to Cancel an Insurance Policy

Believe it or not, usually insurance agents deliberately hide this matter. In fact, you as a customer have the right to know too. Try to read carefully the insurance policy which has a provision that says, “If you do not agree with the contents of the policy, then within two weeks of the policy being issued, the policy can be returned and the money deposited can be returned to the customer.

This means that prospective customers have two weeks to cancel the agreed policy. Or in other words, prospective customers are given two weeks to study the policy. If you disagree, you can cancel your money back at once. If it has passed the predetermined time, you just agree with the contents of the policy.

11. If the Premium Payment is Bad

This point is more about just anticipation if in the future you fail to pay premiums. The problem is that this concerns the interests of customers who are worried that they will fail to pay so that they automatically do not receive health insurance from insurance.

Pay attention to what policies the insurance agent offers. Usually what is given is a waiting period. This means if when your premium is due you cannot pay off, the policy will not be automatically closed or canceled unilaterally from the insurance company.

Try to Have Health Insurance

Those are some of the things we can share with you regarding buying health insurance tips that you can apply.

Health insurance can be the best form of protection that provides compensation for losses suffered due to illness or other health risks. Keep in mind, make sure the health insurance you want suits your needs and choose health facilities that fit your budget.

If you are the head of the family, make sure you also register insurance for all family members. No matter how old he is, you will not know what will happen in the future.

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