Top 9 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Top 9 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas to Start in

Wow, it’s December. No wonder the malls are decorated with ornaments commonly used to welcome Christmas. Starting from a pine tree decorated with twinkling lights, a snowman with a carrot nose, a display of leaves to a Santa sleigh drawn by a deer.

Everything is displayed on the sides that are easily seen. Not to mention the discounts on display on shop windows that attract people to shop. This Christmas moment is really used to make a profit.

Talk about profit, you can also reap profits by taking advantage of Christmas moments. Indeed this December is the time before the end of the year. However, that does not mean you are closing the opportunity to make a profit. It is common that most people don’t want to miss precious moments such as holidays without shopping.

Especially for those who receive income each month, there is a holiday allowance which will be received a few days before the holidays. With this allowance, they spend anything to enliven precious moments with their family and loved ones.

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Top 9 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas

But, what business fits the Christmas moment? There are several Christmas business ideas that you can create and make a profit. What are they? Here are 9 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas that you can try.

1. Christmas Parcel

Demand for parcels and hampers is projected to be selling well before Christmas. The contents range from snacks such as biscuits, cookies, fruits and drinks, household knick-knacks to vitamins, and medical protocol tools to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

In presenting or packaging parcels and hampers, you must use creativity, create packaging and arrangement of parcel contents as attractive and creative as possible. So that many like and buy parcels and hampers from you.

Make a personalized and different present-day parcel or almost Christmas. People will like things that are unique and different from those that already exist.

Tip: Increase the potential profit from the Christmas parcel business by reducing the cost of making parcels. Look for inexpensive ingredients for the parcel. Efficiently, you can shop online and use the internet to find ingredients, check prices, and shop.

Then, don’t forget to compare the prices between one seller and another. However, if you want to shop for parcels offline, do your shopping sparingly, buy in bulk or dozens to get a cheaper price than buying in units.

2. Christmas Cake Business

Well, this one is clearly a lot of people like and much sought after. Cakes are always present in many celebrations, Christmas is no exception. Every guest who visits, both relatives and friends, will certainly be served a cake by the host.

Christmas cakes range from sweet cookies, bottom cakes, chocolate cakes, or salty cookies. These various types and flavors of this cake can be a side business that is projected to be selling well ahead of this Christmas.

Tip: Prioritize quality in making Christmas cakes. Although the cake business, as you know, has mushroomed, not all of the Christmas cakes sold are delicious. This means that to do this cake business, you must prioritize quality and provide prices that match the quality of the cakes you sell.

Buyers will tend to choose delicious cakes even though the price is a bit expensive than cheap cakes, but the taste is not good. Don’t forget that besides the good taste, you also have to be smart to be creative in packaging your Christmas cakes as attractive as possible.

3. Christmas baubles business

Just like the cake business was mushrooming, the Christmas knick-knack business was the same. The potential profit in this Christmas trinkets business is quite positive, you could say that the demand will not decrease.

The variety of Christmas trinkets is increasingly diverse and unique, ranging from Christmas trees, ornaments for Christmas trees, home decorations, room decorations, office decorations, school decorations to Christmas decorations for in cafes.

Yes, be creative, and see what opportunities there are Christmas trinkets that you can modify, make more attractive and then resell, or you can also create new knick-knacks from your own designs.

For example, Santa Claus dolls, cellphone cases, home decorations such as sofa pillowcases to table mats decorated with Christmas decorations.

Tips: Generally, people often put prices first in choosing goods. Set competitive prices for the Christmas merchandise that you sell. Remember, even though you give a relatively cheap price compared to competitors, always pay attention to the quality of your merchandise knick-knacks. Be creative and maintain the quality of your goods so that customers are happy with buying your goods.

4. Catering Business

The catering business will also be selling well before Christmas. Believe it or not, the average person prefers to buy dishes that are ready to eat and ready to serve at Christmas, if there is no time to cook for yourself. If you are interested in opening a catering business before Christmas, you can sell Christmas menus.

Remember, the Christmas catering menu is different from the food menu on weekdays. In other words, the dishes served are, in general, regional specialties.

Tip: In the food business, the important thing is the taste of the dishes you sell. Pay attention to the taste and quality of your dishes so that your catering business is selling well, not only just before Christmas. In addition, learn to be creative and try to innovate by creating new menus and giving unique names.

5. Trumpet and Fireworks Business

Christmas is more lively with trumpets and fireworks. When it lights up on Christmas Eve. It’s no wonder that fireworks and trumpets are in high demand around Christmas. Promising business opportunities because the demand for these two items will increase until the new year.

To do the trumpet business, you can make your own. Assisted by family or neighbors to produce large quantities. Meanwhile, for fireworks, you can buy them from suppliers or distributors.

Tips: To make your own trumpet, just use used and cheap items, such as plastic bottles, cardboard, and others. As for the fireworks business, just buy it from a supplier or distributor who sells in bulk. The price is cheaper, so it can be sold again at the margin you want.

6. Apparel Business

Christmas celebration is not complete without new clothes. So the clothing business opportunity is wide open. You can offer Christmas-themed clothes or dresses to attend Christmas events. If it sells well, you can continue this business, not just taking advantage of Christmas moments.

Tips: You can become a clothing reseller from certain suppliers. If you don’t have a shop, just sell it online on social media or through e-commerce so you don’t have to rent expensive stalls. Alternatively, if you have dresses or beautiful clothes, just open a clothing rental business at low prices.

7. Business Christmas Greeting Cards

Another business that fits Christmas and is profitable is the greeting card business. If you are good at design, take advantage of your skills to earn lots of money. Even though there are chat, SMS, email, video call services, it is undeniable that many people still use greeting cards to give Christmas greetings.

Tips: Open a greeting card business that matches the theme or consumer demand. You can use your computer or printer at home to do this business. So you can save the budget. For marketing, it can be through social media.

8. Children’s Toys Business

The Christmas moment is always welcomed by the children. Because at Christmas, they will receive gifts from parents and siblings. Usually, the contents are in the form of toys that the child really wants.

There are promising toy business opportunities ahead of Christmas and New Year. You can glance at this business to reap a profit.

Tips: With a capital of around $500 – $1000 dollars, you can already sell children’s toys. Sell a variety of toys for more choices for consumers. In order to get low prices, you can buy children’s toys at agents or large distributors.

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9. Cloth mask business

In the midst of the pandemic and Christmas celebrations, the cloth mask business can be a great opportunity. Moreover, now masks have become mandatory for everyone and must be worn during activities outside the house during the Covid-19 pandemic season.

To start a cloth mask business, make sure you know the requirements for a good cloth mask so that later the marketed products can sell well and work well in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Tips: Make cloth masks with Christmas themes such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus to Christmas cakes. Make sure that the cloth masks from your shop have unique characteristics that provide comfort and satisfaction for those who wear them.

Choose a Suitable Business and Run Optimally

That’s all our discussion about 9 Christmas business ideas, choose the one that is suitable for you to run. Once you have made your choice, run the business optimally. Keep yourself from feeling pessimistic if you haven’t got any customers after 3-4 days of business. There could be something wrong with the way you promote or introduce what you are selling.

If so, fix it immediately. Being a little aggressive in marketing makes sense in running a seasonal business, like this Christmas business. Optimize social media to market your sales. Do your best, start doing business.

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