Do These 4 Things When You’re Unemployed

Do These 4 Things When You’re

Unemployment is annoying for some people. When you are unemployed, you only send job applications to various companies that are currently opening job vacancies and then just wait for a call from one of the job applications sent.

4 Things When You’re Unemployed

Did you know that it is a waste of time just waiting for a call from the company you are sending your cover letter to? It is better not to just wait for this because you will only experience losses in wasted time just waiting for it. So what to do when you are unemployed?

1. Find a side job

What is part-time work? The odd job is work that is not full. Generally, full-time workers work 40 hours per week in the office. If the odd job depends on the offer required by the job opening. You can even do this work from home. This is important for those who are unemployed, try to find odd jobs that match your skills.

Actually, this odd job is suitable for anyone. In fact, it is not uncommon for people who already have jobs to keep looking for odd jobs to increase their income. These odd jobs are commonly called freelancer. Even though this is a part-time job, don’t be underestimated when it comes to paying.

If you are a basic IT person then there are lots of odd jobs that you can take. The salary is not small. Those who can make applications are very much sought after by people who are just starting a business. For payment for 1 application that you make, it can be priced at millions. Great price, right? So it is advisable to find odd jobs that are indeed your expertise.

So you don’t want to waste your time for anything and don’t have special skills, you can start by becoming a content writer. It’s the easiest thing to do, as long as you intend.

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2. Improve CV

A good CV can be the main weapon to get a job. Why should the CV be repaired? The CV makes your first impression in the eyes of the company. An attractive CV will definitely be read by the company. Just imagine if there are hundreds of CVs that are the same or just standard but yours is the most different and prominent.

The company will of course read your CV first. CV also shows personality. It is recommended when making a CV try to load a CV with a good and neat layout. Because from there the company assesses whether the person who makes this CV has the skills or not to work at this company.

3. Contact Your Friends

It is important to maintain contact with your friends. In addition to staying in touch, it can also help those of you who are unemployed. Who knows, there are friends who have job vacancies.

Keeping in contact with friends also makes it easier for you to work together if you want to open a business together.

4. Develop a Hobby

Who would have thought that hobbies could be a source of coffers of money? It is very important when you are unemployed to deepen the hobby you have. For example, if you like photography, try to start photographing interesting objects, who knows your shots are of high value.

If you have a hobby of singing, try to cover your favorite songs and upload the cover video to your YouTube account. Lots of people make money through YouTube. This is no secret any more because YouTube has become a trend nowadays.

If you like writing, try to start your own blog. If your writing is liked a lot, the blog will be full of visitors and allow the blog to be advertised, of course, it can be your rupiah coffers.

Stay Productive

Even though you are unemployed it doesn’t mean you are just lazing around at home without doing anything useful. Instead, take advantage of your free time to do things that you didn’t have time to do when you got to work, like exercising or trying many other things.

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