How To Choose Health Insurance Types? [5 Guide For You]

How To Choose Health Insurance

Health is not everything, but without health, we cannot do everything. So from that many people buy health insurance.

People who are not health insured do not receive good and proper medical care, so as a result, people who do not buy health insurance have worse health and a higher fiscal burden on them and their families.

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How To Choose Health Insurance Types?

Here are tips that can be done in finding the type of health insurance that is right for you.

1. Apply for health insurance when you are healthy

Regret always comes too late. Most of us just buy insurance when the disease comes, then realize how high the cost of medical treatment at the hospital is. You must often hear the story of those who just realized how important insurance is after their mother was hospitalized, for example.

And it is also not uncommon to hear how the insurance company does not grant this request, because in health insurance, a provision called ‘pre-existing condition’ is known. The purpose of this provision is, if you are already sick or already have certain diseases, it is very likely that the insurance company will not provide coverage for these diseases.

Therefore, when you are in good health, it is better to immediately apply for insurance. If the customer received is sick, the insurance company will lose because the hospital fee will be higher than the policy premise. After all, insurance companies are for-profit institutions, not social institutions.

So, don’t delay health insurance, apply now. The sooner, the better, because the less likely you are to have the disease, and that means the more likely you are that your insurance application will be approved.

2. Pay attention to the terms of hospitalization

The second mistake that many people think of is insurance: if I am being hospitalized, I can file a claim with insurance, any time. Wrong. There are several conditions that the insurance company has regarding hospitalization rules.

First, hospitalization must be done in a hospital. Put emphasis on hospital words. This means that if inpatient care is carried out at a clinic the insurance company will not replace it.

Second, for how long hospitalization is a requirement. Some stipulate that hospitalization after 1 day can be claimed, some have at least 2 days of hospitalization. Some of them can be claimed with just a few hours of being treated in the emergency room

3. One Policy for One Family

For those who are already married, the question that often comes up is: is it better to buy directly one policy for one family or a policy per family member? What’s the difference? Of course, the price is different. The price of one direct policy for several family members is cheaper than one policy per family member

This is because the main insurance offered is life insurance. If you buy only one direct policy that applies to all members, not necessarily all members will buy life insurance. By buying a separate policy, it means that all family members must purchase life insurance.

4. Starting from a young age

As said above, the older you get, the higher your risk of getting sick or dying. This is a natural law. Although it is not certain that those at a young age are affected by the disease, and vice versa.

It is not certain that those at old age will be affected by the disease, but it has become a provision that those at old age must pay a higher premium. The younger you are, the cheaper the premium to pay.

5. Received at which hospital?

Different types of insurance, different hospitals that can accept it. The more hospitals that can accept your insurance, the more profitable you will be. Make sure which hospitals can accept this insurance.

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Be careful looking for health insurance

Health insurance products are products that must be examined carefully before buying them. Hopefully, with the 5 tips above, you can avoid mistakes in buying insurance that people often experience. So, let’s get insurance!

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  1. My sister would like to apply for health insurance because she believes that this will surely save her from any medical expenses in the future. Well, thank you for clarifying here that she may customize her insurance depending on her family’s needs. It’s also a good thing that you shared here that not all hospitals will consider her insurance.

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