How To Make Money As a Web Developer

How To Make Money As a Web Developer –

If you are currently thinking about ways to find additional income for your family, what if you become a website developer?

As is well known, the company’s need for websites in the digital era is getting higher. This factor triggered the birth of a profession related to websites, namely website developers.

This job is very important in making web-based applications based on programming languages.

In addition, the website developer is also tasked with integrating all the resources on the website. Including creating dynamic website pages, as well as managing website traffic.

It’s not easy to become a website developer. However, those who have mastered it can be a way to find additional prospective income. Either as a permanent employee of the company or just as a way to find additional income, aka freelancing.

In general, if the income you get from your workplace still doesn’t meet your daily needs, then there’s nothing wrong with finding ways to earn additional income.

For example, you can freelance in the fields of website programming, graphic design, photography, and so on. In fact, there are some people who earn more than the monthly salary they receive as a permanent employee in their company.

There are several tips on how to make money as a web developer that you can consider. Anything? Come on, see the following reviews!

Tips To Make Money As a Web Developer

As a website developer who works at a company or agency, of course, you already have a fixed monthly salary. However, because of certain urgent needs, there are times when the salary is not enough.

For that, if you want to earn extra money, here are some tips on how to make money as a web developer.

1. Following The Development of The Website Developer Industry

The first way to find additional income is that you must actively follow and always be aware of the development of the website developer.

By being active in this activity, you can get to know the ins and outs of this profession better. Furthermore, you will be much more prepared when it comes to serving your clients regarding website developers.

Every website that is needed by a company is definitely different from one another. Maybe your client will ask for a website that is very different from your company’s website.

Therefore, by following the development of the website development industry, you will be ready to provide the best service regardless of the type of request your client requests.

You can get these developments from various media such as blogs or podcasts. In fact, you can join a special portal for website developers.

2. Active in Hackathon Program

One way to know the development of the website development industry is by joining the Hackathon program. This program is a collaboration between actors in the IT field.

In the Hackathon program, you can meet a number of people in the IT field, including website developers with different backgrounds. You can chat and discuss IT and website developers.

In addition, you can learn and practice a number of skills related to website developers such as coding and website design.

You don’t just learn to code alone, but with a special coding team that you can form with website developers.

In Indonesia, hackathon programs are commonly held by several parties. From this program, you can measure your readiness to provide services to clients and estimate the usual rates charged to clients.

3. Build a Portfolio

After you’ve built your skills by finding lots of information and sharing knowledge with other website developers, it’s time for you to build your own business.

Start by making your portfolio as good as possible so that other people believe in your abilities. A portfolio can say more than just words and words.

A portfolio is proof that you can and are able to do work that clients are interested in your field. So, a portfolio is an asset to build other people’s trust in you.

4. Build Your Own Website

A portfolio is very supportive for everyone’s career, including those of you who want to find additional money as a website developer. However, you need a website to display your portfolio.

If you have participated in the Hackathon, then you can apply all the knowledge you can to create your own website. A website can be a capital to get a job as a freelancer website developer.

The website is also useful as a place to archive works as long as you become a freelancer website developer later. Thus, building your own website is an important part of how to make extra income, especially if you are a lot in the tech industry.

5. Keep Learning Like a Professional Web Developer

How to find additional income as a website developer of course requires clients who are ready to hire your services.

The website developer is a profession that is quite dynamic because there will always be new things in the world of website developers. You have to keep learning in order to meet the needs of clients.

6. Willing to Listen to Suggestions

A good website developer must be willing to listen to client suggestions and requests. So, you must know the client’s needs very well and provide good suggestions to meet the client’s wants.

In addition, stay open to criticism or suggestions from clients who may not be satisfied with the website created. By keeping yourself open and accepting criticism, you will do better in the future.

In fact, listening to these client suggestions will prove that you are a professional website developer.

Amazingly, listening to suggestions will give a positive value to your career as a website developer.

7. Establish Good Communication

Not only able to be a good listener, but a website developer must also have good communication skills.

This means that you must be able to explain terminology about the website to clients in communicative or easy-to-understand language.

8. Reasonable Rates

The last way to find additional income is regarding the service rates that you offer to clients. Even though clients are generally able to pay you more, if you provide a reasonable rate then you are ahead of the market competition.

Not only that, but friendly rates will also bind the trust of clients. Thus, clients will not easily switch to another website developer.

Starting from Freelance to Get Extra Income

Apart from the methods above, there are ways to find additional income that are no less important than you must do. This method is especially for those of you who are looking for extra money by becoming a professional website developer.

You can start as a freelancer. Apart from earning extra money, freelance work will help you gain experience before becoming a professional full-time website developer.

Freelance work can help you develop a number of supporting skills. Such as: negotiating and building good communication with clients. You can get freelance work yourself through special freelancer platforms, such as

However, you can also join a digital marketing agency. It will be much easier to get projects from clients than freelancers. Usually, multinational companies or large companies rely more on the agency.

In addition, agencies have infrastructure that is much more capable than if you have to build or have your own infrastructure, which of course is not cheap and impractical. Even though in the end, it’s back to your character and goals in a career as a web developer. However, make sure you make the right decision for your web developer career.

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