How To Make Money During Quarantine? [ 8+ Best Guide]

How To Make Money During Quarantine? [ 8+ Best Guide] –

The Corona or Covid-19 virus outbreak that has hit various worlds since 2020 has had an impact on various aspects of our lives. The economic impact is one of the most felt by society. Many people lost their jobs and business owners were forced out of business.

In an epidemic situation like today, finding work has become difficult because the government encourages workers to work from home (WFH). Restrictions on activities outside the home are carried out to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus which continues to increase.

How To Make Money During Quarantine

Even though the situation is difficult, there are opportunities to earn income.

In the following, we have summarized the types of work that you can do from home to earn an income. You can also do this job as a side job while you are working from home.

1. Become a YouTuber

It’s no secret that now many people aspire to become YouTubers because their income is surprising.

As a Youtube Content Creator, you can earn income through advertising on Google Adsense, creating sponsored content, joining affiliate marketing, or selling your own products on your Youtube channel.

To make videos on Youtube is actually not that difficult. You only need a camera (you can use a cellphone camera), a laptop or computer to edit videos, and the internet to upload videos.

In terms of video content, there is a lot of content that you can create and even adjust your interests. Starting from content tips and tricks, tutorials, vlogs, top lists, games, comedy and many more.

You can also adjust to your interests. If you like cooking, you can create a cooking tutorial channel. If you like games, you can also create a gameplay channel.

But of all, the most important thing is consistency. You have to be diligent in doing it and be diligent in uploading videos. Of course, you can do all of this without having to leave the house. And can fill your spare time for those of you who work from home (WFH).

This is an option you can choose when you want to make money online during quarantine

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2. Become an influencer on Instagram

Today many people are working from home as influencers. With followers on Instagram, they can work with companies to promote products from that company or commonly referred to as endorsements.

For every post and story uploaded, the company will pay according to the agreement. Cheap or high fees depend on how big the audience or followers you have on Instagram. If you are actively using Instagram, maybe this job can be an option while the Corona outbreak is still ongoing.

Upload interesting content and use captions that are relatable to your followers. Slowly your followers will increase and you can offer endorsement services for online shops or companies that want to work together.

Remember the small number of followers is not a barrier for you to aspire to become an influencer. There are many tips and tricks that you can dig deeper to get followers quickly.

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3. Filling Out Online Surveys

There are many websites on the internet that offer paid online surveys. This means that by filling out a survey on the site you will get money. In addition to money, rewards are usually given in the form of vouchers or shopping coupons prizes in the form of goods, pulses and others.

This kind of survey is usually conducted by companies who want to know the public opinion of their products. You could say filling out online surveys is the quickest and easiest way because you don’t have to have special skills.

However, this method is not yet the most effective way to make a lot of money. But there is nothing wrong with trying to fill your spare time while working from home during this Corona outbreak.

This is an option you can choose when you want to make money online during quarantine

4. Become an online tutor

For those of you who feel like you master certain subjects, being an online tutor can be a job you do at home.

Apart from school lessons, online lessons such as graphic design, web development, programming are also in great demand, so online tutors are needed.

When the Corona outbreak is like this, people spend more of their free time at home. One of the activities carried out is by learning online. This is where the demand for online tutoring services is increasing.

Try to think about whether there are any subject matter or skills that you master? If there is, maybe becoming an online tutor could be your choice.

This is an option you can choose when you want to make money online during quarantine

5. Selling Stock Photos on the Internet

There are many sites on the internet that give you access to free or paid photos. A site like this is called a stock website, while the people who contribute to submitting their graphic work are called stock artists.

Well, if you have photography hobbies and skills, you can sell your photos as stock photos on sites like this: Shutterstock, Flickr, Unsplash and others. This job is certainly easy to make money when you can’t leave the house.

How about your camera being idle, you better use it to take pictures and try to sell them on the stock website. Not bad can it be money. Besides being able to earn money, this stock photo site can also be a place for people who admire your work and become your work portfolio.

6. Create Your Own Website

You can create a personal website using a blogger or WordPress site. You can write various things on this website depending on your interests. If your website has regular visitors then you can earn money by monetizing via Google Adsense. After advertising through Google AdSense, you will get money from ads posted on the website.

Similar to YouTube, the more people who visit your website, the more ads will be displayed and the more money you can get. Apart from advertising through google adsense, you can also participate in affiliate marketing programs.

The way it works is simple, you just need to embed product links from affiliated companies in the content of your website. If the product is clicked or purchased by a visitor to your website, you will make money that has been previously agreed on.

For example, if a visitor who buys a product from a link on your website is paid $100 dollars, then if there are 10 visitors you will get $1000 dollars. interesting right? you can do it now.

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7. Working as a Freelance Writer

Today there are many companies that have websites and need to update their content. Usually, they will use the services of a freelance writer to fill in the article content on their website.

The average price for a 1,000-word article on a website is between $5 – $ 100 dollars. So if you can write one article a day a month you can generate an average additional income of $1000 dollars from writing services. Not bad extra money.

You can work on one article within two hours at home while the corona pandemic is still ongoing.

There are lots of writing service websites on the internet, you can find writing job offers by visiting these websites.

Also, make sure you have a writing portfolio that you can show so that people are more interested in your writing services.

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8. Become a Language Translator

Language limitations are an opportunity for linguists because translation services are still in great demand and needed by many companies. The current global era of communication requires entrepreneurs to offer their products or services in various languages.

If you master a foreign language, you can choose this business idea. By capitalizing on foreign language skills, you can get more income.

You can find translator jobs through various online sites. Usually, this service is in great demand for translating important documents, papers, journals, and others.

9. Selling Graphic Design Services

If you have graphic design skills, you can use them to find additional income while working at home. With capital, design software and internet networks, you can sell graphic design services through several marketplaces for graphic design buying and selling service providers.

You can find a design buying and selling service provider on the internet. try to choose well.

So that more clients are interested in using your services, make sure you have many of the best design portfolios. Graphic design services are sought after by companies for manufacturing business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths, and interiors.

Those were 9 ways to make money during quarantine and you can do it at home while the Coronavirus outbreak still occurs. Stay enthusiastic and take care of your health so you can stay productive to try this job!

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