How To Make Money From Blogging? Here are 7 Easy Ways

Making money in this technology era is getting easier. We are only required to be creative and not hesitate to channel any hobbies and talents. Because with technology, it is easy for us to introduce our works to others.

Because nowadays, it seems that people cannot be separated from smartphones and internet networks to carry out various activities. Starting from buying and selling goods online, studying or studying online, even looking for experiences can be done online.

So, from this lifestyle change, you can use it to make money. For those of you who like to write or review something, you can also make money from blogging whose content you can create yourself.

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How to Start Blogging?

But sometimes, even though you have an interest in the world of writing, you are often faced with difficulties in finding ideas that you want to put in the blog. Lack of experience and technical skills often haunts novice bloggers. Let’s starting blogging and make money.

1. Start a Blog

The first thing to do is to start with what you want to do. The main obligation of being a blogger is of course having a blog platform to be able to produce useful content.

Often times this constrains some people because they do not have the technical ability to use the blog platform. In fact, there are lots of tutorials to create blogs on the internet, from free to paid ones.

2. Select the Blog Platform

Choose the blog platform that you want to use to upload the content that you have. Some of these platforms include WordPress, Blogspot, and so on. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For those of you who like to tinker with HTML code, you can use Blogspot because it offers layout customization freely. Meanwhile, as a beginner blogger, you can use the WordPress platform.

Some of the advantages of WordPress include offering free access, easy use, safe activities, and you are free to choose a blog theme according to your needs.

3. Create a Blog Domain Name

After you choose the blog platform that you want to use, the next step is to determine the domain name or blog address, so that the blog you have has a home online. Tips for creating a blog domain is to make sure the domain name of your blog is clear and that it matches the blog content that you are designing.

Furthermore, after you determine the blog domain name that you have, you can configure the blog. In general, WordPress displays a menu that is more complex than Blogspot. But with this complex menu, you can also add a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Optimizer and the SEO configuration of each article that you make using tags or keywords.

4. Create a blog as attractive as possible

After you configure the blog that you have, then you can change the blog design to make it more attractive to readers. Choose a design that matches the blog content that you have. To change the blog theme, you can take advantage of many tutorials available on the internet.

While the choice of themes, you can use free themes to paid ones. One tip that you need to pay attention to, don’t hesitate to use paid themes because they are more friendly to search engines like Google, and friendly for mobile browsers to desktops.

5. Generate Useful and Interesting Content

Next is you can start writing blog content that is useful as well as interesting. So that it is easy to find and use for many people. In principle, the content of an interesting blog is a blog that inspires, entertains, solves problems, and is able to change the lifestyle for the better for readers.

One thing you should avoid is using plagiarized content or spreading false information. There is nothing wrong with doing research or collecting material that you can make as the theme of writing or reviewing blog articles.

6. Looking for Blog Readers

As a beginner blogger, you are often too focused on building a blog technically. If you want to make money from a blog that you have, avoid only focusing on one thing, like just building a blog. But start to think about the target audience for your blog.

To establish communication, you can do a little research by asking your readers where they come from and where they hang out. So that your blog is in line with the target audience.

7. Build closeness with readers of your blog

After you create blog content and the statistics have generated readers, change your focus to approach readers. If necessary, start to create a blog community that you have to build closeness with readers.

If you feel that the number of visitors to your blog is not too many, but readers have responded in the form of comments on each upload, you can respond to these comments so that they feel more appreciated.

Do whatever it takes to keep readers coming back to your blog. For example, by giving quizzes or attractive prizes to maintain traffic to your blog. So that the statistical data of your blog visitors will increase. If necessary, ask readers to share the content that you write so that your blog is more recognized by netizens.

How to Make Money From Blogging?

After you have finished creating and building a blog, both in terms of content and readers, then you have to get to know several sources of blog income. Then, how to make money from blogging?

1. Revenue from Advertising

One of the income that comes from blogs generally comes from the advertisements that you post. The principle is the same as a newspaper or magazine that sells advertising columns.

The higher the blog traffic you have, the more expensive the payment for ad space on your blog will be. One of the tips that you need to run is to install Google AdSense to increase your blog traffic.

2. Income from Affiliates

Affiliate is meant in the world of blogging is making the content that you write to direct readers to buy, use, or see products sold on other sites. If you are lucky and someone follows the link or link that you write and makes a purchase of your writing.

Usually, there will be a commission according to the agreement between the two parties. If you have a loyal reader, chances are your blog readers will follow the recommendations that you have made is very large.

3. Hold events

Organizing events for beginner bloggers don’t have to be on a large scale. For those of you who already have loyal readers, you can invite readers to your event and application rates.

This is where you can get income. For those of you who have never made your own event, you can start with a meeting event between bloggers and readers on a small scale first. Besides getting income from ticket rates, you can also look for sponsors for the event that you created.

4. Recurring Income

Well, what is meant by recurring income is by implementing a membership program or loyalty program. That means certain members, can access premium content that is not available by regular members or who are not paid.

5. Services

In addition to advertising, your blog can also be used to offer services or services. For example, consulting, training, writing, design services, to other freelance services.

Easier, you will not get a discount if the client directly contacts you. It’s different if you become a freelancer using a third party.

6. Products

Products that are generally sold by bloggers are books and goods that are not too far from blogging activities. Book products are quite time-consuming because they have to be thought through.

But the advantage is if you market yourself through your personal blog, the books you sell will not be subject to a margin. It’s not like selling books via a consignment system at a bookstore.

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Do You Want to Start Blogging and Make Money, Today?

That are several tips on how to make money from blogging that you can try. You will get passive income from blogging. Starting blogging is not difficult enough, you just need a minimum budget and choose your niche as you want. Good Luck!

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