How To Make Money From Facebook? 10 ways to start today

how to make money from facebook
How to make money from facebook

How to make money from Facebook –

Who doesn’t know Facebook? Hearing his name must be familiar to our ears. Facebook is now one of the most familiar social media. But did you know that there are ways to earn money from Facebook?

I am sure among these infomediaku friends who don’t know that Facebook can be used to make money? Even up to hundreds of millions. Recently, the topic of discussion to get money from the Internet is being discussed, including one source from Facebook.

For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account, please register on Facebook. First, you will be greeted by the phrase “Welcome to Facebook”. Then how does Facebook give money to users? Check out the full discussion below.

You can use Facebook to make money by selling goods or services to fellow users. From sales, you will benefit, you can say this is selling online using Facebook.

You can reach more people with Facebook ads. To be able to run Facebook ads, you need to top up your account balance, be sure to always check your Facebook ad balance so that ads stay the way and generate sales conversions.

Apart from that, Facebook also has advertising services like Google AdSense, namely Facebook AD Break. Ad Break is an advertising service that airs Facebook videos, the appearance is usually at the beginning, and in the middle of the video so it is called AD Break or Ad Break.

There is also for those of you who like to play games, it turns out that Facebook games can generate dollars. The name of this service is Facebook games, not only play games that just broadcast live, but you can earn money.

There are three sources of income for Facebook gamers, namely advertising services, startup (Facebook currency), and subscription services.

How to make money from Facebook?

Well, from now on you can turn your personal Facebook into one of the weighing resources. Are you confused? No need to worry because we have summarized 10 Tips on how to make money from Facebook that you can choose from, please listen to them below:

1. Open an online shop

The first way to make money from Facebook is to open an online store on Facebook. You don’t need to have your own goods, you can work with other people or you can also be a reseller or dropship supplier.

This method can minimize the risk of loss and does not require a large capital. For a way of promotion you can do it through your personal Facebook account, fan page or share in several groups who have the same interest in the product you are selling. If you want to reach more and be targeted, you can advertise on Facebook.

2. Selling Services

You can use your personal Facebook account to sell the skills you have. To be more optimal, it can be installed on the Facebook market so that it can be known by many people.

Example You could sell an article writing service, graphic design service through Facebook, or some other type of service. It’s a capital-less Facebook business you can run.

Another solution you can create a fan page on Facebook about controlled services, the goal is that many people like your business Facebook page.

3. Add Like Service

Likes now is still an indicator of whether a fan page looks trusted or not. The more likes it will make the trust of Facebook users to the fan page increase. There are many followers of FB, one of which is by buying likes.

This opportunity allowed some people with special skills to open the Likers fan page service. Of course, this requires quality knowledge and tools that cannot be owned by everyone. The price of likes varies depending on the number of likes and the suitability of the fan page interests.

4. Advertising Services

Ads Facebook Ads is now one of the promising advertising venues after Google, unfortunately not many people can advertise on Facebook. Only people experienced in running ads.

Also in case that setting up Facebook ads is not easy, you will need to do some research and split tests to find your best adverts. If an advertising error occurs, your ad balance can be exhausted easily and yield nothing. Don’t forget to make sure your Facebook balance is sufficient so that your ads run.

5. Fan Page Management Service

Marketing and branding on social media must be done well, one of which is in managing fan pages that should not be provided.

There needs to be a fan admin page that is tasked with managing fan pages ranging from post content, managing comments, offering products, promoting Facebook book fans, and naturally increasing the number of fan pages.

Even though at first glance it is easy, it becomes a Page Fans admin actually must have expertise in communication and marketing in online business.

You also need to know that there is a way to make money from FB, namely Facebook Fanspage monetization. The way with lots of video uploads on the fan page is immediately approved to join Facebook Break Ads.

6. Become a buzzer

Don’t immediately put a negative stigma with the buzzer word, buzzer is actually one of the opportunities that you can convert to one way to make money from Facebook. There is a need to manage Facebook accounts, pages, and groups that have a large following.

The buzzer works by utilizing more than one social media account to make it trendy, in the end, the Buzzer campaign can be seen by many people.

It’s not just about politics, buzzers can be useful for promoting products or services for all the Facebook users you have.

7. Become an influencer

Many can’t tell the difference between an influencer and a buzzer. Influencer comes from the word influence which means influence, especially for all of your Facebook friends and followers.

In terms of the number of friendships and followers, influencers have more than buzzers. The influencer is tasked with having the effect that the desired action is like purchasing a product.

To become an influencer, you need to build strong branding for everyone to know.

8. Affiliate Marketing

To be able to start how to make money from Facebook with affiliates is to first register on an affiliate network such as Tokopedia, Lazada, Bukalapak, and others.

For how to promote the affiliate link that you have, namely by using private posts or distributing to Facebook groups that have many followers.

9. Selling Fan Page Accounts

Earlier this year, buying and selling Facebook fan account pages that met the monetary requirements of advertising breaks were numerous. The price is also quite expensive for the same class of Facebook fans with 10,000 likes.

In addition, fan pages can be used for promotional media, and Facebook fan pages can make money with Ad Breaks.

Ads will air on videos that have been posted, at least on videos that are 3 minutes and above. If you already have a fan page, immediately register for Facebook monetization to earn income.

10. Monetation Fan Page Account

Now the newest source from Facebook. You will be paid on a CPM (cost per million) basis, so the money you get with 1000 ad views. The requirements for registering ad breaks are as follows:

The main requirement is having a fan page or a page.
1. Fan pages have followers of at least 10,000 followers.
2. In the last 60 days, the fan page must have 30,000 video views with a minimum duration of 1 minute per video on videos that are 3 minutes long.

The fan page meets Facebook’s terms and conditions.
Then if it has been approved for Facebook AD IMS monetization, every video you upload will automatically have IKOH green dollars.

Just multiply the video but don’t recover from another video, as this has violated Facebook rules that eventually your account will be disabled.

How? Did you get any ideas for the 10 easy ways how to make money from Facebook that we discussed above? If you don’t take action immediately.

Facebook’s tips for staying long-lasting are not affected by problems by using them naturally and in accordance with the conditions.

If there are additional proven ways to make money from Facebook, please add them to the comments column below.

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