How To Make Money On Bitcoin? Follow These Easy Steps!

How To Make Money On Bitcoin? Follow These Easy Steps! –

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin transactions are carried out without intermediaries and have no central authority.

This makes BTC owners have full control over these assets stored in a wallet either online or offline.

How to Make Money on Bitcoin

As time went on Bitcoin became known, people became interested in owning Bitcoin and making money on Bitcoin. To be able to make money on Bitcoin, the first step you must take or buy Bitcoin.

1. Mining Bitcoin

One of the ways to get money from Bitcoin is by mining it. This is the most standard way to earn from Bitcoin. You see, Bitcoin itself is obtained from solving complex algorithms by creating blocks to be added to the blockchain.

Miners are basically building a general ledger and allowing the whole Bitcoin system to function. When a miner successfully creates a new block, the miner will be given a new Bitcoin as a reward.

This is how miners are used to keeping BTC growing. Unfortunately, mining is not an easy process and requires adequate computer use.

2. Bitcoin investment

The principle of Bitcoin investment is actually almost the same as Bitcoin trading. The difference lies in the HODL period. If trading only takes a short period of time, the investment may take years.

The investment can be done by buying BTC when the price drops and saving for a long time, then selling it again when the price is high.

The purpose of this investment is to get a large profit. Bitcoin in its early days was worthless, but over time in 2017, it was closer to $ 20,000.

If you save BTC from the beginning, of course, you can profit hundreds of percent now. Apart from that, you can also invest in several projects that make Bitcoin a means of payment.

3. Complete Online Tasks

This method is allegedly the easiest method to make money from Bitcoin. But it took quite a long time to get it. Website sharing pays you in Bitcoin when you successfully perform certain tasks. An example is like visiting a Bitcoin ad and opening it for 5-20 seconds.

You can find this method on the Ads4BTC website. Other tasks are being able to retweet posts, test plugins whether they are compatible with browsers and so on, one of the websites that provide these tasks is Coworker.

4. Freelance and Accept Bitcoin as Payment

You can sell your skills such as writing, graphic design, etc. then accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. The more professional you are, of course, the more BTC will be generated and you can exchange it into cash coffers.

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5. Selling Bitcoin Goods or Services

Investors can make money from Bitcoin by selling goods and services. It is then paid out in BTC in return. You can sell it on Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook groups.

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6. Performing Bug Bounties for ICO

There are many Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) around the world that have been launched on various platforms. However, there are still many ICOs that have been improved and tested to avoid problems, one of which is a bug.

You can try to find a bug and report it to the company concerned. Then you can get prizes in the form of Bitcoin or other digital assets.

7. Lending (Margin Funding)

This method is less popular and quite risky compared to other ways to get money from Bitcoin. Some exchanges allow you to lend BTC to other users. For example on Bitfinex and Poloniex, you can generate Bitcoin through margin funding even though the results are small.

However, if you want to get higher returns, and you are willing to take risks, you can use a program like SALT. It is a platform that provides cash loans when you provide crypto assets as building blocks.

Using a loan program, you can take out cash loans and reinvest them into the crypto market, for the purpose of increasing your position before the loan ends.


Digital Asset Trading (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) is a high-risk activity, know and manage your risk when trading Digital Asset.

Those are tips on how to make money o bitcoin. Don’t forget to cash your BTC into the fiat currency you use. You can withdraw and make it cash for your daily needs.

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