How To Make Money On Photography? Follow These Steps!

How To Make Money On Photography? Follow These Steps!

The presence of technology has changed the field of photography to be more friendly for all groups. Regardless of age or formal education, a person can now learn and hone their photography skills through various workshops, internet references, or by directly posting photos via social media.

Thanks to modern technology that is getting more and more sophisticated every day, the field of photography has become more friendly for all groups. This also applies to the easier way to make money through photography, because regardless of formal education or age. It is easier for us to hone our photography skills, as well as increase our income through this route.

Therefore it is not surprising that nowadays, photography is not only fun as a hobby, but can also be increased as an opportunity to make money either as the main profession or just a side job that is used to increase income.

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5 Tips On How to Make Money On Photography

We will explain several tips on how to make money on photography that can be used as alternatives to increase income.

1. Become a Documentation Photographer (Documentation staff)

If you often take pictures of internal company or organization events, you can offer services through friends who are working. Photographers for documentation do not just take photos during the event but must be sensitive to capturing moments and be able to present interesting compositions.

In various companies, a photographer is often needed to fill permanent employees. Such as in print or online media, also in companies that have a communication or PR division, which increasingly needs a photographer, especially in the current era of social media.

2. Selling photos through a stock photo provider

We can upload our photos to stock photo providers such as Stockphoto, 123RF, and others. If someone buys a photo that we upload, they will get a commission.

Most of them are part-time, but some are full time, but full-time people should understand the market needs for the photos they need, the photos they need are often not very cool or very beautiful. More to the conceptual as especially for the needs of the company.

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3. Creating Youtube / Blog

Creating youtube content about photography, if it becomes popular and has a lot of viewers, could be getting income from advertisements or deals with brands related to photography such as cameras, lenses, accessories, software, etc. You can also becoming influencers and ambassadors.

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4. Become a Food Photographer

We can offer ourselves to become a food photographer at new cafes or restaurants. One thing that a food photographer must have is that we need to increase references for food so that the resulting photography works can make the restaurant or cafe attract more customers.

By ensuring that various sample food photos that we take and will be displayed in a restaurant or cafe menu can arouse the appetite of the viewer.

5. Teaching Photography

If you have already completed a photography course and understand a certain knowledge of photography that is not easy to get from any teacher or tutorial, you may become a teacher. Becoming a photography tutor will help other people who are interested in photography but have difficulty learning on their own.

In essence, every effort related to photography is not easy and not all of them can be successful, and what has been successful is not necessarily sustainable, especially in the current economic climate. To be successful requires various stages, starting from mastering good photography techniques.

The last tip is that we must consider multiple income sources. If we only rely on one source (avenue), such as wedding photo services, how will we earn when it’s not the wedding season? or when competition increases? If we have various sources of income, of course, it will be better and more stable.

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If you are good at using your camera, it can be one of your sources of income.

Cameras are not only seen as objects for capturing human and natural images, but also as a promising business area.

And there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who make photography their source of income. Because only from photos they can make coffers of money.

So the article about how to make money on photography. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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