How to Make Money on Vacation: [10 Easy Ways Guide]

How to Make Money on Vacation: [10 Easy Ways]

The months in the middle of the year are the period that students are waiting for, ranging from school students to university students. Why? Yes, the answer is certain because at this point they will be free from the burden of thinking about lessons and can relax through life.

But usually, this feeling of great joy is also followed by a thinning wallet because you don’t get pocket money and don’t have any income.

Surely this makes you confused because once there is a lot of free time, you don’t have money. Don’t be confused, here we provide you with how to make money on vacation.

How to Make Money on Vacation?

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Being a freelancer can be a favorite of many people. This job will be very fun for those of you who really like writing.

Currently, many companies need quality articles to be published on their website. So your chances of this job are pretty big.

Apart from that being a freelance writer is independent, so you don’t have to worry that you will run out of time to have fun.

Generally, freelance writer fees are calculated based on the number and type of writing. You can do it anytime, the more often the more money.

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2. Work As a Freelance Photographer

Do you have a camera, like photography, and are good at photo editing? Use all these things to make money. You can work as a freelance photographer for any occasion. Advertise yourself through online media or through your friends.

Many events require a freelance photographer, such as birthdays, office events, or company meetings. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of here, apart from living your hobbies, you also add to your portfolio and friends.

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3. Work As a Freelance Designer

If you have good design sense and are good at designing, use your talents to earn money. The trick is you only need to register with a company or design site and put your creativity into your work.

So, for those of you who do have this expertise, like to do it, and want to earn money, let’s immediately find out where the place is currently opening vacancies for you. This job can help you to develop your creativity too.

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4. Guiding Travel Tour For Tourists

When foreign tourists come for a vacation, they will usually find it difficult to find tourist attractions. That’s an opportunity that you can take advantage of when the holiday season arrives.

Through this job, there are many advantages, you can travel for free and even get paid, practice your foreign language use, and make friends. The money you get from this job can be very large, depending on the level of satisfaction of the tourist and the way you guide. So want to try?

5. Take Advantage of The Hobby of Making a Cake

Not everyone can make delicious cakes, but if you are an expert at making delicious cakes, take advantage of this hobby to reap the benefits. Sell your cakes to friends, neighbors, or via social media. What you need to make sure in doing this is the quality of the taste and appearance of your cake.

If the taste is good and the appearance is unique and attractive, customers will be looking for you. So you don’t have to bother marketing it again. Moreover, if it is close to the celebration of national holidays, surely the cakes will sell well.

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6. Teaching Private Tutoring

Of course, you have to master the field that you will teach first before you do this. Being a private tutor can be very exciting for those of you who really like teaching. In addition, this activity also generates money and rewards above. Helping people to be smarter is a noble act, right?

7. Become a Freelance EO Member

Currently, there are so many event organizers (EO) and not all of them have enough members to run an event. Sometimes they need additional members so that an event can go well.

Well, that’s where you come in. Becoming a freelance EO member not only earns money but also makes you get to know more people, so your network of friends will be even wider.

8. Work as Sales Promotion Girls

This job is most suitable for those of you who have an attractive appearance, are outgoing, and are good at talking. With these three things, you can make money just by standing next to a product and offering it to consumers. The money earned from this job is quite large, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah per shift. Interested?

9. Become a Barista At Your Favorite Cafe

Your hangout hobby doesn’t make any money, so why not apply to be a barista at your favorite cafe? You can enjoy the cafe atmosphere to your heart’s content, can enjoy your favorite coffee, and earn money.

Isn’t that fun? Working as a barista is not a full day, usually, it will be divided per shift, so you still have time to hang out with your friends.

10. Repairing Electronic Equipment

Have the skills to repair electronics? Don’t just use it for yourself and your close friends. Use this skill to make money by offering your services to other people. As you practice repairing electronic devices, you also get paid, so it’s good.

That’s the discussion on this occasion about how to make money on vacation that you can apply to, take advantage of your vacation with activities that can help your finances.

Stay Productive During Holidays

The holiday season doesn’t mean you have to be lazy, but you can make it more than just a relaxing period.

The methods above can be a solution to make your vacation meaningful. Fill the holiday season with productive things.

What is meant by productive does not mean that you work hard and don’t relax, it means doing new things that you cannot do during the school season.

Also, take a trip to a new place. It will increase your knowledge, experience, and you will also enjoy doing it. Let’s stay productive during the holidays!

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