5 Mistakes for Insurance Users You Should Know About!

5 Mistakes for Insurance Users You Should Know About! infomediaku.net

In any case, we are required to be smarter people in dealing with any challenges that may appear suddenly. This must be done to minimize the losses that will be received by everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has good skills in life management. This can be seen from any side. Whether it’s education, work, to prepare for retirement.

For example, in terms of education. A student is unable to manage himself to be able to complete his education period. At least on time. So that this incident will result in a waste of time, energy, and also costs.

Then an example from the work side. For example, the person cannot blend well with the work environment, be it colleagues, bosses, workplaces, and others. Finally, the person cannot contribute to satisfactory work results. Be it for himself or for the company.

The ability to plan and prepare strategies in dealing with unexpected events in the future is something that needs to be improved. Why? When you are increasingly unable to adjust to your needs with more and more diverse challenges, it is likely that you will not be able to live orderly and calmly.

Of course, requires help and support. One of the ways to help you prepare for the future better is the guarantees and protection that are now widely offered by various insurance companies.

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Important Functions of Insurance

What is the function or importance of having insurance as a guarantor or protector against unexpected events in the future? Insurance will guarantee and protect the insured assets, be it the health, life of the customer, or assets owned by the customer.

This protection will be seen when a challenge or obstacle emerges that has the potential to or has even injured the insurance customer, be it in terms of health, safety, the life of the customer, or the insured asset.

For example, if there is an accident and you can’t make payments at the hospital because you don’t have enough money. You can file a health or life insurance claim at an insurance company that records your name as a customer.

This claim serves as a sign that you are taking away your rights after several years of investing in the insurance.

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Mistakes for Insurance Users in Choosing Insurance

Although many insurance companies are now using it, it is not uncommon for some people to want additional protection obtained from other insurance, for example from private insurance companies.

However, it is not uncommon for this decision to give birth to a fatal mistake. What are the mistakes for insurance users that often occur in society? Let’s look at it and make this a guide not to make the same mistake.

1. Mercy With The Insurance Agent That Offers You

It can be said that getting insurance customers, especially for private insurance companies, is not an easy matter. The possibility that arises due to the difficulty of getting an insurance customer could be the customer’s lack of knowledge about the importance of insurance.

It could also be because the premium is high enough that it makes customers think of delaying registering themselves as insurance customers.

The difficulty in attracting people’s attention to become insurance customers is sometimes enough to make insurance agents become workers with an image of needing compassion.

In the end, it is not uncommon for prospective customers to register themselves as insurance customers just because they feel sorry for the promotion agent who might be the closest person, such as family and neighbors.

But do you realize that with this attitude you can get the wrong and inappropriate insurance?

Not to mention if the premium you have to pay per month is relatively high. There are still problems regarding the rules and policies set by insurance companies. For example regarding filing claims, which differ from one company to another.

2. Do not Know The Benefits of The Selected Insurance

Point 2 may be a point that is quite concerning but it often happens. It is not uncommon for people to be registered as members or customers of certain insurance with the thought of getting protection and guarantees for themselves as policyholders.

In fact, not all types of insurance provide the same benefits, although sometimes several types are combined into one package with other types of insurance.

For example, you buy education insurance for the sake of children’s education. What you know is that insurance only prioritizes protection for children’s educational needs. You may not know that in this insurance there are other facilities such as children’s health insurance which will affect the premiums offered by the insurance company.

It could be that at the same time, you already have BPJS Kesehatan in your child’s name and feel sufficient with this government insurance. As a result, the health insurance facilities for education insurance from the private insurance company were in vain.

3. Nobody Knows You Have Insurance

When you don’t tell those closest to you that you have insurance. The effect is the same when you don’t have insurance. That is, when something happens to you whose costs can be covered from the claim you file with the company where you register as an insurance customer. Your family will not file claims and try to cover all the bills themselves.

Even though maybe the nominal claim that you can get is sufficient to finance your needs right away. And also the arrangement is faster because there has been cooperation between insurance companies and several agencies such as hospitals.

Leaving your family or colleagues not knowing that you have insurance will also burden those who will take care of all your needs that you have actually prepared. It only remains a matter of who the staff will take care of it.

4. Not Conducting an Evaluation Together with Your Insurance Agent

Before choosing to invest in gold, you should first learn the benefits and advantages that may arise. Here’s the explanation. Before choosing to invest in gold, you should first learn the benefits and advantages that may arise. Here’s the explanation.

Maintain good communication with your insurance agent. This will help you to get the latest news about your insurance and you can make adjustments to insurance whose purpose is to provide protection. Don’t let you waste money on things that you don’t know the benefits of and can’t make claims due to a change in policy in your policy.

.5 Do not Know The Difference between Insurance and Investment

Most of our society cannot differentiate between insurance and investment. Both are considered the same because insurance is considered a form of multiplying money with more benefits, namely providing protection according to your needs. The definite difference between insurance and investment is the goal of both.

Insurance guarantees and provides protection for yourself, life, or assets that are insured by paying a premium amount within a certain grace period.

Meanwhile, investment is an investment activity that aims to get benefits in the future. Indeed, in the end, it will be claimed, but this is not quite the same as investing, because insurance guarantees and provides protection for the insured.

In contrast to investments that do not guarantee and provide protection, they are even vulnerable to being an object affected by unexpected events.

The Importance of Insurance

That’s some mistakes for insurance users that often to do. Perhaps this is the worst mistake in the insurance world. You do not provide guarantees of protection for yourself, your family, or the assets you have. So, you are vulnerable to effects that may harm you such as accidents and others.

For this reason, it is very important for you to have insurance from now on, to anticipate unexpected events in the future.

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