30 Side Business Ideas to Make Extra Money for Employees

Infomediaku.net – 30 Side Business Ideas to Make Extra Money for Employees

When you become an employee in both large and small companies. Of course, you have a myriad of dreams to fulfill needs that were not met. But there are times when you experience a high level of fatigue and boredom as an employee, that’s a time when you have to look for promising side business alternatives.

What is Side Business for Employee?

A side business for employees is commonplace and is not prohibited by the company. Unfortunately, many employees have not started a side business because of capital reasons.

Indeed, being an employee, you will have the advantage of being proud of getting regular income every month, a regular work schedule, health insurance from the company, and also having high prestige especially if the position occupied is a prestigious position.

Do Employee Need Side Business?

However, there are also some disadvantages when working in other people’s companies, such as limited career opportunities, the risk of being fired if they don’t work optimally, feeling that the salary doesn’t match the workload, time is running out at the office, and those who work in offices often feel too tired.

That is why more and more employees are trying to take advantage of the side business opportunities that are around them. The majority of them can run a side business while working in an office, but many people also decide to make the business their main income for life.

Business or a side job? Lots! You don’t need to worry about what and how at this time when choosing to have a side business. There are many things that can be utilized around us, but we do not realize this side business opportunity because it is too focused on office work.

Top 30 Side Business Ideas You Should Know

If you feel confused about starting this side business opportunity. It’s a good idea to pay attention to some of the alternative side business ideas below:

1. Fishing Teacher

Everyone must have their own hobbies and love for something, for example, like fishing. There is nothing wrong if you run a side business by using this hobby, one of them.

Someone who has a hobby of fishing, of course, will automatically have knowledge not only about fishing but about fishing equipment and a pool that is suitable for fishing areas.

Take advantage of this hobby as your business opportunity. The method is quite easy, you can provide fishing gear and market it to your friends who have the same hobby.

But, this will require capital. If you have capital constraints, you can sell your fishing skills. How? Give them good fishing training and the best advice you have. Of course, you must have special skills in fishing.

If you want to sell your fishing skills online, then selling fishing eBooks is the best and cheapest way. Online media can reach many people and this is an opportunity for you to sell the eBook product that you make.

2. Cooking Tutor

Are you one of those people who hobbies cooking ?. Actually, with your cooking skills as well as your hobby, you can run a shop, caterer, or sell your homemade pastries.

The food business has excellent business potential because food is a basic human need. To run this food business, of course, you need sufficient capital so that the business can run optimally.

So, if you don’t have the capital to start a food business, you still have a side business opportunity of your ability, namely by selling eBooks. Make an eBook about cooking or pastries with your typical recipe.

In addition, when carrying out the sales process, you can start by selling online by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or through your personal blog.

3. Web Developer

This time it relates to expertise, if you have special knowledge in creating a website or what is commonly called a web developer, it’s good to immediately take advantage of this knowledge as an effort.

In a very digital world like today, web developers are needed to create businesses such as e-commerce, websites, and start-ups. Many people want to create a business and expand it globally, but don’t know how to create a website which is very important in expanding business globally.

Of course, you can use this to earn income. Based on various references and sources, the price of services for creating a website or blog varies widely, ranging from $ 500 to $ 1000 dollars per website. For the price, you have to adjust to your abilities and the website design you are working on.

4. Music Tutor

Hobbies playing music? You don’t have to be in a band to make money. There are so many people who want to have the ability to play music. They are even willing to spend more money to learn music from other people.

You may have expertise in musical instruments. For example, such as guitar, violin, piano, trumpet, drums, bass, etc., use your skills as a side business opportunity that can benefit you.

5. Multilevel Marketing Business

In the past, many MLM businesses were run offline. However, since the MLM business is run online, the marketing process has become much easier than before.

An employee or even a housewife can run an online MLM business anywhere and anytime. She can do it without having to interfere with her main job.

6. Used Product Seller

Online businesses are currently quite varied. One of which is to resell used products or what is commonly referred to as secondhand shops. Lots of items such as clothes, shoes, hats, books, cupboards, washing machines, and records that you can reuse for sale.

To have a secondhand shop business. It’s a good idea to sort out the items that are still worth selling and that are reusable.

7. Photographer

Do you have a hobby of the photographer? Let’s use your hobby as well as your skills to generate dollars in your pocket.

If you are diligent in hunting using a mirror lens, SLR, or pocket camera with high pixels. It’s a good idea to shoot a large number of object photos. Because you can sell these stock photos to several photography websites such as photo stocks.

You can also sell it to media friends who need stock photos to be published. Better to use your photos are useful than just a collection on your desktop, right?

8. Social Media Admin

Accounts on social media have become increasingly popular. Moreover, some of these accounts have pretty good information as well as visitors.

Well, behind a social media account there must be an admin. Yes, admin! Running a side business as a social media admin also has very high prospects. What’s wrong if you become an admin while providing new experiences at work?

9. Freelance Writer

This is a trending business, namely being a freelance writer. For those of you who have a hobby of writing. It’s good to channel it into a business, currently.

There are several marketplace sites that provide various specific vacancies for freelance workers, one of which is as a writer.

There are also several media that are looking for freelance writers to fill in the information in print, online, and electronic media.

10. Selling Products or Services Online Through Social Media

You can buy and sell products through social media accounts.
There are so many people who are successful in this business, the capital is not large because it doesn’t require a real shop that we have to rent tens of millions of, even if using a dropshipping system it doesn’t require product capital. Just select quality products, and learn online promotion through social media.

Create a fan page or an account specifically for your sales. Social media platforms are often used by many people, namely Facebook, Instagram, line, and many others.

11. Selling Products On The Marketplace

A marketplace is a place specially provided for buying and selling products online.

One example is amazon.com

If you have digital products such as e-books, or other forms of application, you can sell them on amazon.com

A marketplace is a place on the internet, where many parties gather to process online buying and selling transactions.

One of the advantages of selling on the marketplace is due to the traffic of visitors who are looking for product to buy or sell. Like a market.

Lots of marketplaces that have been used by product sellers and have a good reputation and are widely known by online businesses for domestic and foreign transactions, for examples; amazon.com, alibaba.com, and many others.

12. Selling Online On Your Own Website

This type is an advanced level of the first type of online business model. If your business is growing rapidly, and you want to further develop your products and product branding, then you need a website or website. Namely a private online shop specifically for your product brand.

The levels of selling in an online business are:

Selling through social media (without capital) => selling through the marketplace (small capital) => selling through personal websites (technical capital to create a website).

That is the stage, from not having the capital to having your own online store. Creating your own website makes your product brand good.

The advantages of an online business with your own website are:

  • Your online sales business will increasingly professionally increase trust.
  • Lifting your own product brand.

If you have trouble building a truly professional online store, wordpress.com can provide solutions in creating an online store.

13. Graphic Design Services

Are you an employee of a graphic design company or like graphic design? You can make money from these skills.

For example, you can design services for business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths, and interiors.

Don’t worry if you don’t have customers in your workplace. You can take advantage of the online designer market. For example, fiverr.com, upwork.com, and many others.

Regarding capital, if you use the online design marketplace, you will only have enough money to pay for an internet connection as long as you use the design tools or software that you have.

Moreover, if you regularly spend money on the internet every month, you could say that this online graphic design service is without capital.

14. Private Tutoring Services

Do you have skills in language or music? If so, you can make these skills a side business by setting up private tutoring services.

Not only making money, but private tutoring can also improve your skills so you don’t forget them.

For example, if you are fluent in English, you can open English courses for elementary school children in your neighborhood.

Those of you who are good at playing guitar or piano can open private guitar or piano lessons in your home.

The cost of private lessons that must be charged to participants depends on the economic conditions in your place. If the economic condition of the community is less, set the course price at half the price in the big city.

Otherwise, charge the same price for similar private lessons in a major city. You can get this price by searching the internet or asking your friends who live in big cities.

If you want to take private lessons that are simple but comfortable enough for your participants, you can just pay under $ 200 dollars assuming you don’t rent a course.

This capital is to buy chairs, tables, blackboards, markers, erasers, and mineral water.

15. Become A Copywriter

What is a copywriter? A copywriter is someone who is able to influence a person’s mindset by writing in advertising content to buy something. Through the services of a copywriter, the chances of selling a product are enormous.

The job of a copywriter includes writing text in the ad in sales language that attracts readers who end up buying a product or service offered in the ad.

Using promotional words and accompanied by data and facts in prime sales language. Copywriters are one level superior to ordinary content writers.

Someone can be said to be a copywriter if they are able to write content one level above the content writer. Can make thousands of dollars with content copywriters that they have written.

16. Become An E-book Publisher

Making digital writing or an ebook (electronics book), any writing that you make can be used as an ebook and sold.

An example of a site that sells ebooks and you have the opportunity to join the team is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from Amazon (kdp.amazon.com).

It can be fictional or non-fictional content. The system offered is a commission, where each sale, the author of the book will get a royalty of 35% or $ 1.05 for that price. An example of a successful writer at KDP is Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits, who makes $ 1,315 a month selling this ebook.

17. Become A Virtual Assistant

Same with an assistant or secretary who helps a business owner to run his business. The scope of work is quite broad, such as writing, graphic design, research, editing, copywriting, social media management, translation, programming, data input, and others tailored to the needs of the company.

That is the job of a virtual assistant. You can get paid per hour ranging from $ 10 to over $ 50 per hour worked. You can check for vacancies for this position on the freelancer site upwork.com. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

18. Consulting Services

In the past, consulting services were carried out manually and conventionally. Now, consulting service owners can change their promotional methods by marketing them through their own website.

After the site is busy, readers will start asking questions and conducting consultations regarding topics that have not been understood in the consultation blog.

For example, suppose you wrote a guide on a website about the investment business. Then some website visitors contact you via e-mail and want to consult on investment.

Consultations can be carried out by various methods. Via e-mail, video call. And from there, you can get paid for each consultation session conducted.

19. Offer SEO Website

Almost everyone uses search engines like google and Bing on a daily basis. This has become a targeted field for many companies to promote.

The problem is, not everyone is able to optimize their products to be promoted through search engines, such as Google. Because we have to perform various methods of SEO (search engine optimization).

And not everyone can, This is your opportunity.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are increasingly needed. This service helps online businesses to get high traffic from search engines like Google.

Optimizing keywords to appear on page 1 search. The task of SEO services is to optimize the website so that it is easily found in the search engine.

The skills needed to include keyword and competitor research, content marketing, website structure optimization, backlink monitoring, and data analysis from Google Analytics. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

20. Opening Advertising Services On Social Media

Not everyone masters social media marketing, for example, Facebook ads, Instagram, or capturing targeted fan pages.

The jobs of a social media marketing service include; build brand awareness, create and share content, interact with fans/followers, and increase visitors to the website through social media.

21. Opening Digital Advertising Services Online

Now advertising / advertised is more effective using online methods. The conventional method with banners on the streets or posters posted on every bulletin board is rarely practiced by entrepreneurs.

The development of digital advertising in the future is projected to soon overtake advertisements with banners, on television, and in other places.

Why is digital advertising popular?

More effective, cheap, and scalable according to the targeted target market.

How do you become digital advertising?

Set up ad text, image, or video. Use Google Ads or Facebook ads to help market. Then the processing of advertising materials and design must involve several experts such as copywriters, graphic designers, and data scientists.

22. Opening Forex Trading Analysis Services

This online business model is similar to consulting services, except that you are only asked for their services to analyze and calculate the probability of the forex value that will occur.

Frankly, this is a side business that you’re most likely to do as an employee. Because it doesn’t take up a lot of time, you can also control your finances clearly.

You can choose professional traders who have a reputation and can be seen in their portfolio. After you are sure, you copy the way they make trades, namely copy trade.

23. Take Paid Surveys

Actually, this is an online business for those of you who have limited time, you can take paid online surveys, for example on the site www.globaltestmarket.com.

Taking paid surveys is an alternative to getting additional income. If you have a lot of time, taking paid surveys is very profitable. Even though this is a side job, if it is carried out consistently and seriously it will get maximum results. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

24. Become A Celebgram

Have you ever heard of the term ENDORSE? If you have Instagram followers with more than 50 thousand followers then you can offer endorsements to well-known product or brand owners.

Make no mistake, there are many people who are successful and earn hundreds of millions from this profession. The way, you endorse a product on your Instagram account according to the request of the product owner, then you will get paid for this activity from the product owner.

25. Open A Typing Service

I once lived in a campus environment, which incidentally lived in a student environment with all their hobbies. Even as a student I received a typing order which I valued at $5 dollars.

And every day I am almost overwhelmed by my service enthusiasts.

If you are a busy employee and are in the mood to increase your side income, and happen to live on campus. You can open a typing service after you get home from work.

Important, in typing services you must know the basics and the desired format. For example, if you are asked to type in a student’s final project or thesis, then you must know the required typing format.

26. Selling Fishing Tools

The fishing hobby does not always spend money. If you have a community that likes fishing, this is a wetland that you can use to sell fishing gear (fishing equipment).

Especially if our friends are fellow employees who don’t want to bother looking for fishing equipment, you can provide fishing equipment for your colleagues.

This is a side business for those of you who like fishing and take advantage of your spare time to both pursue hobbies and doing business.

27. Selling Seeds Of Plants/Fisheries or Livestock

If you have a large yard, the plant nursery business has great prospects. Especially if there are no competitors in your area. Selling fruit plant seeds, for example selling bush pepper seeds, or selling guava seeds without seeds.

You can also use your house yard for livestock for chickens, rabbits, or birds. It can also be used as a place to keep catfish, eels, or other types of fish that have high economic value.

28. Become A Full-Time Blogger

The most popular business principle for bloggers is Google Adsense, bloggers do blogging activities, write things they like, or make guides about many things, or just the latest news.

A blogger not only earns income from Adsense, but there are also many other advertising providers who are ready to support bloggers to get unlimited income.

The working principle of a blogger is as follows :

  • Create a blog/website.
  • Registration to Google Adsense or other advertising.
  • If accepted, displays an ad on your blog or website the visitor clicks on the ad, you get a commission.

Very simple,

You are required to focus on displaying the website as well as possible and maintaining quality so that it can increase blog traffic every day. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

29. Become A YouTuber

YouTube since its first launch in 2005 until now has shown an extraordinary graph of development, the most popular, YouTube is used as a medium to popularize itself as a place to go to the world of celebrities. Not just like film and soap opera artists, YouTube can be done by all people, the term is a YouTuber.

Where do YouTuber earn income?

Google Adsense, yes they get income one of them with Google advertising.

Create quality and quality video content, then monetize your video with Google Adsense advertising.

In addition to Google AdSense to earn money, YouTubers can also be endorsed famous products/brands, this can be done when you are already popular, which is marked by the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

30. Become A Domain Seller

First, you have to hunt for a domain name. Buy as many unique domain names as you can and then sell them at a higher price.

Buying and selling domains are done on forum sites, such as
forumsdigitalpoint.com and many other forums that you can use as desired.

How is the concept of the transaction?

The domain that you have collected then you market the domain name with an auction system. Good domain names can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 and more. This is a side business ideas that you can try online.

Choose a Side Business Ideas According to Your Expertise

These are some of the side business ideas that you can run while still an employee. You don’t have to bother, you just need to take advantage of what’s around you and at the same time develop your business idea. So it becomes a business opportunity.

If your business opportunity advances, you will indirectly create job opportunities for other people who you will later recruit to become employees. Good luck!

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