The 7 Reasons Why College is Compulsory for Your Career

7 Reasons Why College is Compulsory for Your Career –

The number of motivational seminars or workshops featuring successful people without an adequate formal education is often misunderstood. One of the wrong mindset is why to go to college high, yet without college, you can be successful.

The success stories of people without a higher education but who can succeed should not be misunderstood. However, college is very important to increase your skills, knowledge, and insight that will support your future career.

Even if there are successful people without college, it is only a handful of people with efforts that are far above the average person. Even then, it is still supported by the compatibility between the business and the passion that he has, and a supportive environment. Without it, if you think you don’t need to go to college, you can imagine what your future will be like.

7 Reasons Why College is Compulsory for Your Career

In this era of globalization, lectures have many dimensions of perspective. But at least some following reasons are sufficient to represent why you should study in modern times like this.

Some Important Reasons, Why College Is Required In the Age of Globalization.

1. Improve Skills and Knowledge

The current education system at the senior high school level, or other vocational schools, is still relatively common, or even if there are majors it has not yet reached the level of work-ready skills and knowledge. The lecture is a process to develop the skills that have been acquired in high school.

If you want to focus on work orientation or self-employment for those who are senior high school graduates. Academic pathways (undergraduate) are the most appropriate choice, while for those who graduate from other vocational schools.

The choice to study in the vocational pathway (diploma) is more appropriate because it is oriented towards practical work skills they have acquired from previous vocational schools.

In principle, the high school is still in its early stages, so don’t stop there because the skills and knowledge are still not ready for work.

2. College is The Lowest Education Standard

Times have changed, in the past going to college and getting a bachelor’s degree was something that was luxurious in the eyes of society, but now the number of scholars is very large.

All vacancies now use the minimum standard of a bachelor’s diploma or at least a diploma and even then most of them have not even got a job or are unemployed.

Well, can you imagine, if those who have graduated from college can be unemployed, how can they only get to senior high school education? That’s why lectures are so important.

3. High Job Opportunities

The higher the education, the wider the career opportunities. If it’s only high school, the opportunities are also limited. Remember, at this time, the minimum requirement for a job is no longer a vocational school but at least a diploma or bachelor’s degree. Whatever work you desire, college is a way to get provisions in the world of work later.

4. Open Insights and Knowledge

In lectures, students do not only learn about course material to get grades and diplomas. The association of students in the campus world is also useful for developing personalities and changing our perspective on something for the better.

Often, when working later, people who go to college are better able to solve problems with a cool head, see problems from various points of view, and are also more able to think of various ways to find solutions compared to people who don’t go to college.

5. Higher Education

For those who are engaged in academia, dreaming of becoming a doctor is a must, or even becoming a professor, could be a dream.

To realize this ideal, the only way is to study one step at a time, first, go through college until the new graduate-level thinks to the next level.

6. Demanding The Highest Possible Knowledge

For adherents of any religion, there must be teachings to study as high as possible and continue to learn. For example, as a Muslim, there is a belief that those who seek knowledge, God will elevate his rank and strengthen his position.

Undergraduate graduates are of course seen as better off in society than those who do not go to college. That’s an important reason why you have to go to college.

7. Better Career Opportunities to Become Rich

The essence of college is to have a better career to be successful and become a rich person. Undergraduate graduates have many opportunities to get bona fide jobs that require high academic degrees. You see, some directors of large companies must have a good level of education.

Other cool professions such as engineers, doctors, and so on will also be directly proportional to the salary you get. On the other hand, lectures can also make people rich in knowledge and benefit others.

Avoid The Wrong Reasons People Continue The Following Lectures

Tuition fees are not cheap, especially if you study on a private campus. For some people, college is a luxury as a result of their parents’ mediocre income. In order not to waste time and money, avoid the traps of the following wrong reasons for college people:

1. College is Only with friends or Just Prestige

Many high school / vocational high school graduates from who enter college do not have clear goals. They are confused about where to study, what major, and what will their dreams be. Conditions like this make them just join in with friends.

A lecture like this is risky because without a strong desire and intention it is better to just cancel it because those who intend to go to college sometimes don’t finish college because they are lazy and fall into wrong associations, especially those who have no intention right?

For those who have little money from college, sometimes it becomes a prestigious event. They study in big cities, luxury campuses but do not have clear objectives for the field to be pursued.

Just looking for the sensation of walking with his friends. Avoid conditions like this. Students and parents have a lot of discussions related to the career they want to achieve later.

2. Parents Forced College

Parents usually have certain views regarding their child’s future. Cool professions such as doctors, banker engineers, and so on make them want to direct their children to be what their parents want. Especially if the parents are already successful in that field.

Parents must remember that children can be different from the wishes or success stories of their parents. Forcing children to be like their parents will only make children stressed and fail to plan their studies.

3. College for Other Reasons That Don’t Make Sense or Seem Emotional

Adolescence like a high school graduate is synonymous with several mental conditions that are prone to the temptation to deviate. Parents must be more sensitive to changes in the child’s condition.

College children who have no clear direction may be affected by unreasonable reasons such as wanting to live freely, lazy to work, and so on. If this is the reason that makes you decide how long you go to college, you will never become a bachelor.

Because The Cost is Not Cheap, Be Strong and Don’t Play Around

To achieve your dreams and aspirations, one of the career stages that must be passed is college. The cost of education in college is not cheap so you should think about cooking before deciding to go to college.

Make sure you intend if you really want to complete your education until you graduate so that one day you can be successful in your career and be the pride of your parents who have worked hard to pay for your college.

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