Top 9 Effective Ways to Use TikTok for Business Marketing

Top 9 Effective Ways to Use TikTok for Business

It seems that people are not surprised when businesses are promoted with Facebook and Instagram. The results have also been proven.

But, How About Using TikTok?

TikTok’s marketing strategy is still new. But, who would have thought that the potential was quite large? Imagine, its users around the world reach 500 million people.

This means that if you want your product to be more widely known, trying out promotions using TikTok can be an interesting option.

But selling on TikTok is different from on Instagram or Facebook. So, it’s important to know the strategy.

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9 Ways to Use TikTok for Business Marketing Strategy

How is the strategy? in this article, you will learn TikTok marketing strategies so that your business is even more powerful. Come on, see the explanation!

Here are the TikTok marketing strategies you need to do so that your business is selling well.

1. Get to know how TikTok works

TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on sharing video content. Each video is 15 seconds long and can be combined into 60 seconds.

This platform can be a means of promoting business products.

To do this, make a product video, then add video effects and background music that can attract the audience.

Later, TikTok users can comment, like, and even share the product video. The more interactions from users, the higher the chances of you being promoted by TikTok to other users.

In addition, with a higher engagement rate than Instagram, TikTok is certainly suitable for building product brand awareness more optimally.

2. Find Interesting Content Ideas for TikTok Videos

Do you already know how TikTok works? Now, it’s just a matter of finding interesting video content ideas for TikTok’s marketing strategy.

Actually, it is not much different from when creating blog content.

You can try a tool such as Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to find out what keyword trends your audience needs for your business products. Then, just make it a content.

Alternatively, ask the audience through posts on social media or polling some preferred topics.

However, basically, the idea of TikTok content for business will certainly revolve around product launching, tutorials, and hashtag challenges.

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3. Use Hashtags to Make Videos

Do you want your TikTok marketing strategy to work? Never forget to use a hashtag on every video you make.

TikTok itself says that hashtags, part of video information, are a reference for giving video recommendations to other users.

But, don’t slap the hashtags either. Use the most relevant to your content and business.

For example, for makeup tutorial content, you can add the hashtag #makeuptutorials or #makeupchallenge.

In fact, to stand out, just use the promo branding you’re doing. For example, Zalora created the hashtag #ZStyleNow to promote the Zalora Fashion Festival event.

With that hashtag, more and more people will know your promo, and get to know your business products better, right?

4. Collaboration with Influencers

although it is considered excessive, the allure of influencers to sedate followers to use a product is quite successful. Not surprisingly, 86 percent of marketers trust influencers to increase sales and brand awareness.

Want proof? The Daniel Wellington watch brand managed to increase sales by 4700 percent in just three years. Great, right? It’s all thanks to influencers, you know.

Interestingly, they employ all kinds of influencers, from micro-influencers to well-known beauty influencers like Charlotte Letitia Crosby.

What’s important in this strategy, choose influencers that match your target audience and promotional goals.

5. Consistent Content Posting

Be diligent in posting the base of success in raising brand awareness. Is it true?

When you upload a video, your followers will see it. Then, when they like it, it will also be displayed on that user’s follower page. The more likes, your video may be displayed on the for you page.

Imagine if it happened every day. The goal of building strong brand awareness is certainly easier to achieve, right?

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6. Respond to Comments from Users

Responding to comments and answering audience questions on a post is no less important, you know. Moreover, this is what can increase your account engagement.

Wait .., does that mean all comments must be replied to?

Certainly not. Choose only those that provide the most positive information regarding your product. Also, don’t hesitate to comment on other users’ posts because it can increase your brand awareness.

Hmm .. how come?

The reason is, when you comment on other people’s posts and get likes, your brand name may be in the top commentary list. That’s the algorithm that TikTok implements.

7. Create a Hashtag Challenge

TikTok residents like challenges. For example, #lalalachallenge attracted more than 200 million users, ranging from ordinary netizens to public figures.

What does this mean for your business? By planning a challenge related to a product, you can reach similar popularity.

The Guess fashion brand has already proven it, really.

They use the hashtag challenge #InMyDenim to promote their newest denim product. As a result, many TikTok users have made videos using their denim products.

This hashtag challenge is quite effective in promoting business products. Because, to take part in a challenge, TikTok creators need to have their products first, right?

If the challenge videos look cool, people who see them will be interested in making a similar challenge video. That means more and more people will buy the product, right?

8. Use TikTok Ads

One of TikTok’s unmissable marketing strategies is to use TikTok Ads.

Don’t want to be left behind with other social media platforms, TikTok also provides paid advertising services, you know. Do you want to reach your target audience faster? Can!

TikTok offers four types of advertising products:

  • InFeed Ads: the ad appears when the user scrolls through the feed
  • Promotes Hashtag Challenge: advertisements that invite users to use the hashtag challenge
  • Branded Effect / Filter: filters or special effects that contain product information
  • Brand Takeover: exclusive ads in the form of images, gifs, or videos that only appear once a day when you first open the app.
  • Of the four, InFeed Ads are the most popular. For small businesses, this type is also the most profitable.

The reason is, in addition to the relatively small budget for advertising, the ad will later appear in the audience feed. In fact, to make the ads more optimal, there are interest targeting and behavioral targeting options.

In fact, this interest targeting is similar to Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. So, ads are only shown to audiences with interests that match your business.

Meanwhile, behavior targeting will study the behavior of TikTok users over the past 7-15 days, and display ads that match their preferences.

9. See TikTok Ads Analytics Data

Tell me, what digital marketing can be successful only by using “feeling”? Hmm .. just having a relationship, you need to know the track record of the person, especially in running promotions, huh?

So, if you use TikTok Ads, you will get this data. Next, you can analyze whether the promotion is going well.

To do this, just click the Analytics menu on your TikTok Account.
Then click “view analytics” to see the analytics results for each of your posts.

TikTok also has a Followers Analytics feature, which can provide you with insight into the behavior of your followers. Starting from what kind of content they watch frequently, when they are online, and others.

So, You can Create Content That is better, and according to your goals.

Let’s Apply the TikTok For Business Marketing Strategy, Now!

TikTok can be considered “yesterday afternoon’s kid” when it comes to digital marketing. However, TikTok’s marketing strategy should not be underestimated. Especially if your target market is the younger generation who are actively using the platform.

So, to make it easier for your business to grow, it is important to take advantage of other digital marketing strategies.

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