Selling On TikTok? Here Are 7 Tips To Promote Your Product

Selling On TikTok? Here Are 7 Tips To Promote Your Product –

Social media is indeed the most powerful tool to market a business quickly. Social media that is currently used for business is not only Instagram and Facebook, but also not a few who use the joint alias TikTok application.

This is because more and more people from various backgrounds are using TikTok, so it will make it easier for business people to introduce the business and products being sold.

By uploading various interesting promotional content videos, businesses and products will go viral and easily get target consumers who end up being flooded with orders from TikTok users.

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How to Selling On TikTok?

For those of you who have a business and want to try TikTok to market their selling products. There are some business product promotion tips on TikTok in the following reviews which has summarized from various sources.

1. Make a Business Account

To look more professional, you must use a business account on the TikTok application. Here are some steps to create an account:

  • Download the TikTok app on Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOs users
  • Register for accounts using business data, starting from email, account names according to store names, and others
  • Switch to a business account by:
  • Click ‘I
  • Then, Click the colom in the upper corner
  • Click ‘Manage My Account
  • Click ‘Switch to Brand Account
  • Select the appropriate business category
  • Edit your profile, starting from posting an attractive account photo and filling in a bio with a complete business description
  • Add your sales link on e-commerce

2. Create Interesting and More Trending Content

There are indeed people who watch uploading videos with standard quality, but chances are that TikTok users will not be interested in seeing the businesses and products being sold. For that, it is very important to create interesting content.

You can gradually create content. For example, the first content that will be created introduces the business, second, the various products sold, the sales system, packaging, and so on.

You can also insert a photo related to the content in the video. To make business promotion content viral quickly, choose songs, filters that are trending among TikTok users.

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3. Maximize The Use of Features

The number of features in the TikTok application sometimes makes users lazy, even though maximizing the use of the TikTok feature makes video content more attractive to target consumers.

Here are TikTok features that you can try in creating good promotional content, including:

  • Add music
  • Voice changer function
  • Use a stick and Effect
  • Filter
  • Timer
  • Beautify

4. Create Interesting Caption

Sometimes users of social media applications, even business accounts, only post content without completing a clear caption. This of course will not describe the product being sold.

The name wants to introduce your business and products, of course, you have to make a clear, good, and interesting caption. For example, notifying the name of the product, what the product is made of, the price of the product, and others.

5. Add hashtags

On social media, the use of hashtags is very influential because hashtags make business promotional content and products known to many people more quickly. Use hashtags that match or are related to the content created.

For example, if the posted content is about clothing products, the hashtags used are #businesscloth #homebusiness, and others.

You can also add some hashtags that are viral so that many video content views, such as #fyp #foryoupage #business and many more. So, you can see this viral hashtag by clicking ‘find‘.

This page is not only viral hashtags, but also lots of viral videos that you can inspire

6. Post Content at the Right Time

Randomly posting videos without knowing the time only makes you more wasteful. It is possible that a promotional video that is made is not widely seen. In order for videos of selling content to be seen and viral quickly, find the best time to post content.

Usually, the best time is between 10 and 1 pm, or at night. Because, at this time, from school children, college students, to workers, they will fill their spare time by watching TikTok videos

7. Post-TikTok Ads

You can also use TikTok Ads which can make your business more widely known. Before that, here are some types of ads available in TikTok Ads, including:

  • Pre-roll ads: Video ads that start after the user opens the app
  • In-feed ads: Video ads that appear when a user scrolls through the feed
  • Promoted hashtag challenges: Videos that drive users using custom hashtags
  • Branded effects: Special effects filters for use by content creators on videos – similar to those on Snapchat and Instagram but featuring brand-specific information

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Nothing Is Difficult If You Want To Learn

Making a video is not as easy as a photo that just takes a snap and then briefly edits it. While videos, you have to think about the content, the stages of displaying the right image, sound or song, and many others.

However, that doesn’t mean you just give up. With a high willingness to learn to make interesting promotional content videos on TikTok, everything will be easier and of course, it can make the business more viral and many order products to sell so they get multiple profits.

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