Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a

Having a job is everyone’s desire. Not only related to salary, it is used as a demand to meet the needs of life, but work is about how someone can apply the skills and knowledge that we have acquired in education, both formal and non-formal and of course these skills will continue to be honed.

However, the condition of the company which is often unstable because of several things related to the progress of the company cannot be predicted properly, making the quantity of employee recruitment influential. As a result, being a freelancer becomes an alternative in such situations.

Working as a freelancer is now also a profession that is loved by many people, especially those who still don’t get a permanent job, or those who want to find additional money considering that the salary received as a permanent employee is deemed insufficient to make ends meet. This, of course, is normal. Moreover, in fact, freelancers have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

So, for those of you who are currently planning to become a freelancer, let’s first take a look at the information about the advantages and disadvantages of the following freelancing profession so that you don’t take a wrong step.

1. The Portfolio Is More Complete

By doing the freelance profession, you can certainly enrich your portfolio so that it makes your CV more attractive and has the potential to be glimpsed by companies than other job fighters who have never had work experience at all.

But on the other hand, these freelancers do not have permanent jobs and responsibilities. This means that there is no definite guarantee that you can always find and get a job, unlike a full-time job. This also causes the CV to have many vacancies.

2. Free Time

Working in a company does have hours of work that have been agreed upon as company regulations and as employees, of course, must obey it. It is different from freelancers who do not have working hours or are not limited by the specified time.

Freelancers can decide for themselves when they have to work, as long as the work can be completed within the given time limit. There is no such thing as ‘lunchtime’, weekends, and so on. If you feel that you are unable to do the task, then you can take a break.

However, the weakness lies in calculating the salary. The freelance profession is calculated per project given by the company and usually, holidays are not included in the salary calculation. This is different from a full-time work system where holidays, weekends, or leave will not affect the amount of salary that should be earned each month.

3. Less Pressure

All types of work certainly have different job pressures, including freelance work. However, at least the pressure on freelancing is not as big as the pressure on a full-time job. Being a freelancer will not feel that you have a boss who is often depressing because the tasks given are always increasing. However, sometimes the presence of a boss also indirectly encourages employees to complete work on time.

Well, it’s different from freelance work. Because the absence of such a boss sometimes makes a freelancer lull by the freedom of time. So, do not be surprised if the work is complete when the time limit is given. This is what is lacking from other freelancer workers.

4. Free to dress

Although not all companies apply work uniforms, most companies have work uniforms either on certain days or every day. Meanwhile, for freelancers, there is no such thing as a dress code, such as having to wear a shirt, material pants, and loafers.

Working as a freelancer doesn’t require you to go to the office. This of course makes a freelancer have the freedom to dress. However, actually, there are also many offices that are not rigid for outfit matters, for example in startup companies.

5. Free from Congestion

Nowadays, congestion is not only sight in the capital city of Jakarta, but many other areas have started to feel congestion on the road. This seemingly endless traffic jam is of course a daily food for people who try their luck at the company by using a vehicle.

You will definitely not experience this if you work as a freelancer, because you can work from anywhere, for example, in a cafe, library, even at home. Even though it looks fun, but you will also experience a number of shortcomings, such as not getting benefit facilities like full-time workers.

Make The Most of Your Time

For those of you who don’t currently have a suitable job and have free time, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of this valuable time by becoming a freelancer.

This is certainly very profitable, calculating as a means of flight hours before plunging into the real world of work. While those of you who already have a permanent job, this freelancer can be a source of additional income.

Nowadays there are many fields that can be pursued as a freelancer. For example, writing, photography, make-up, and many more. Choose a field that is already mastered so that you don’t experience problems when completing the assigned tasks.

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