Top 9 Insurance Products Your Family Should have

Top 9 Insurance Products Your Family Should have –

In family life, we are not only faced with the problem of how to only support all family members. There are many other things that sometimes don’t think about, one of which is insurance.

Based on the type and importance, there are 9 types of insurance products that are important to use to protect your family. What Insurance Products Should Your Family Use? look at the following article.

1. Life Insurance

there is a life insurance product, your life is insured. In fact, this product provides protection for the people you care about, especially if you are their backbone and financial source.

Because we can’t predict bad things that will happen, having life insurance will really help your family life if something happens to you. When deciding to have life insurance, make sure you have calculated your monthly salary and how long you will be working.

Make sure the insurance policy can cover lost income when bad things happen to you. The most effective option is term life insurance because the policy allows you to pay a small premium but the coverage paid is quite large.

Life insurance is very important to have, especially if you are the head of a family who is still actively working. Life insurance benefits:

  • As a form of unexpected anticipation.
  • Ensuring the family’s financial condition.
  • Can be combined with other insurance products.
  • Can be used as an investment product for the future.

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2. Health Insurance

Currently, hospital fees are very expensive. Even if you try your best to stay healthy, you never know when you get sick. Health insurance will really help you when unexpected circumstances occur.

the cost of hospitalization and treatment which is getting more and more expensive should be a strong reason to have health insurance. There are many types of health insurance with different policies.

This policy can cover you when you have to be hospitalized. You also will not burden the family when you fall sick because the cost has been covered by your insurance.

Some of the benefits of health insurance include:

  • It is conditional in nature, tailored to the needs (outpatient care, hospitalization, and other required care).
  • Treatment costs are covered by your insurance
  • Reducing the economic burden on the family

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3. Accident Insurance

Accident insurance prevents unexpected costs when an accident occurs. Please note that there are certain terms and conditions (usually stated in the policy) set by the insurer regarding the definition of the accident.

For example, if it is proven that you are drunk driving, then accident insurance will not cover the cost.

Accident insurance benefits :

  • Providing compensation to the heirs
  • Providing compensation if the victim is disabled
  • Reimbursing maintenance costs up to a certain amount.

4. Home Insurance

Are you paying off your dream house? You need home insurance. Usually, homes that are still on credit will be immediately covered by home insurance. To choose the most appropriate home insurance, make sure you research the policies offered.

Does it cover damage or reimbursement of expenses when you move house? When house prices soar, this insurance is a product that you must have.

Keep in mind that home insurance depends on the age of the building and the items in the house. Accurate estimates must involve your insurance agent. Also, make sure the insurance policy covers work accidents when building or renovating your home.

Here are some of the advantages of having home insurance:

  • Complete protection for all losses that occur
  • Indemnify the third party

5. Vehicle Insurance

Many argue that vehicle insurance is optional. In fact, these insurance benefits are quite important.

Even if you feel like you are driving carefully, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided. It can happen any time you are on the road. To overcome this, vehicle insurance is something that should not be missed.

When a car is hit by another vehicle or hit by a motorbike; service fees can reach millions of dollars. With this insurance, you can ease your burden and focus on restoring health.

Currently, vehicle insurance premiums are quite easy because the system is the term. So, by paying a small fee per month, you can have protection for yourself and the vehicle you have.

There are many advantages that you get when you insure your vehicle:

  • Worry is no longer haunted by you
  • Free from costs when a traffic accident occurs
  • You don’t have to bear the burden of a third party
  • When a natural disaster damages your vehicle, you will be free of service fees

6. Education Insurance

Education insurance is very important to ensure children have a quality future. This insurance product is a form of preparation in addition to providing life protection. In the event of a disaster, education insurance will issue compensation money received by the heirs.

The benefits that you can get are:

  • Ensure your child’s education in the future.
  • Even though the main source of income dies, the child’s education will still be guaranteed.

7. Loss Insurance

Loss insurance provides responsibility for risks that can cause losses such as fire, theft, and transportation.

These accidents can happen at any time, especially if you have a business that involves many employees who can experience a disaster at work at any time. What are the other benefits that can be obtained?

  • Guarantee that your assets will be replaced when you get a disaster as mentioned above.

8. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance products will make your traveling activities worry-free. In addition to providing double coverage, the compensation provided by this insurance product can cover emergency medical expenses, repatriation of bodies, and compensation for heirs. Other benefits that can be obtained include:

  • You can travel in peace.
  • All losses incurred while traveling will be borne by the insurance company.

9. Pension Insurance

When you retire, your income can drop drastically, even up to $0. For this reason, planning a budget for retirement is very important. Currently, public awareness of the importance of pension funds is still lacking.

However, if the company does not provide pension funds for you, it is your obligation to have it in addition to only using retirement savings products. The benefits that can be obtained include:

  • Old age will be more fun.
  • You will be calmer in life.

Choose Which is The Main Need

Although we mentioned that there are 9 types of insurance products that you and your family must use. Basically, not everything must be fulfilled immediately.

Choose first what insurance products are the needs of you and your family. Do not let your money go out of use to pay for insurance premiums that are not really needed. So, choose carefully!

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