Top 4 Types of Video Marketing are Effective for Marketing

Top 4 Types of Video Marketing are Effective for Marketing –

If we talk about the types of video marketing, it feels like there are so many. Each type of video is made to achieve a specific goal. There are videos that focus on brand recognition, there are also videos that specifically review customer testimonials.

The various types of video marketing that exist sometimes make business people confused in making choices. Which video is the best fit for my business? Maybe you are messing around with the same thing.

For more details, let’s first know the types of video marketing.

What is Video Marketing

Before talking further about the types of video marketing, it helps us to get acquainted with what video marketing is. Video marketing is a form of marketing or marketing strategy.

As the name implies, video marketing is a marketing method that focuses on using video as a marketing medium.

In today’s digital era, video marketing is considered to be one of the best marketing methods. Videos tend to be easier to accept. The messages contained in it are also easier to capture and make an impression in the memory.

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For these reasons, the trend of using video marketing continues to grow among business people.

4 Types of Video Marketing Should Know

As mentioned earlier, video marketing is made for marketing purposes. But keep in mind, video marketing does not only come in one form.

There are various types of video marketing that are often used by business people.

For more details, here are the types of video marketing.

1. Video Profile

You may have seen a video that was specifically about a particular company. This is what is called a video profile. This video comes in a format similar to a company profile.

In the video profile, it is explained in full about the profile of a company. The company’s vision and mission are described here. Not infrequently, the story of the company’s founding is also explained in a video profile. The length of the video profile is generally quite long.

With a focus on company introduction, this type of video usually has a very specific target audience.

Video profiles are generally used more often to introduce companies to potential big clients or potential business partners.

For that reason, of the other types of video marketing, video profiles tend to have a smaller audience segment.

2. Video Branding

The distribution of many types of video marketing is based on the function of the video. Video branding is one of them. From the name, maybe you can predict a little about what video branding is.

This type of video is made for one purpose, namely to introduce a brand or brand to the public. Branding videos are generally very closely related to the product.

If you see an ad on TV or on a video streaming platform like Youtube, many of these videos fall into the branding video category. However, video branding is not just about selling. This type of video also contains the values of the brand being marketed.

3. Educational Videos

In marketing a product, you can’t just show the product to your target market and encourage them to buy it.

You also have to educate the market about how your product can improve their life or make their life better. This is where educational videos come into play.

Of the types of video marketing, you could say that this educational video is the easiest to catch the audience’s heart. The information and educational value in it make educational videos more sought after.

Educational videos take advantage of soft-selling strategies in offering a product. It is also, for this reason, this type of video is relatively preferred by the public.

4. Demo Video

At first glance, the demo video does look like an educational video. There is an element of education in it.

However, unlike educational videos, demo videos are more specific to how it works or how to use the products offered.

Demo videos are also often used to show the added value of the product being offered.

For example, when comparing your product with competitors’ products, you can show that your product has an easier way to use.

Through this video, you can also show features that are not available on competitor products.

5. Video Testimonials

Word of mouth is still the best way to market a product.

In today’s digital era, this method has evolved into a form that is more flexible and widely propagated. Video testimonials are an example.

This type of video takes an important element of the word-of-mouth marketing method.

This element is the testimony of people who have used the product that is being marketed.

Tips for Making the Right Targeted Video Marketing

Now you know the types of video marketing that are commonly used in the marketing world. The question now, which type of video marketing should be chosen? How to make targeted video marketing?

Actually, there are several things to consider before making a choice. For more details, here are the tips.

1. Understand your main goal

Video marketing is made to market a product. This is a fact. But you also have to remember that marketing a product is only an outline.

In every marketing strategy, there are specific goals in it. Understand this before making video marketing. Without a clear purpose, it’s difficult to choose between the types of video marketing that exist

For example, if your goal is to introduce a brand and its values, video branding is the most appropriate type of video marketing.

But if the goal is to build credibility, it’s even better if you choose a video testimonial.

2. Know your target market

You can’t make targeted video marketing without knowing the target market you want to target. Remember, different target markets have different approaches.

Knowing your target market will help you determine the video marketing theme and concept that will be created later.

3. Focus

With so many types of video marketing, it’s sometimes quite difficult to focus. Even though each type of video has a specific function, that doesn’t mean you have to create all of them. Make sure to focus on the main goal.

When creating a marketing video, make sure to also focus on the message you want to convey. Visual appearance must correlate with audio. Likewise with text if there is one.

But more than that, each component in the video must support each other and reinforce the message to be conveyed.


Video marketing is known as an effective marketing method to market a product or brand. However, the effectiveness is also determined by several other things.

The video must have a clear purpose. The message to be conveyed must also be clear and easily accepted by the audience. Likewise with the video marketing strategy later. All of that must be executed properly.

If the many types of video marketing make you dizzy, it’s a good idea to consult an expert first.

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