What is a Call to Action? Definition and Examples

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Without a doubt, the call to action or CTA is one of the most popular marketing terms because of its big role in increasing brand conversion rates.

Whether it is to increase sales numbers, promote special offers, multiply readership or content downloads, to create a rich email list; Everything you can achieve with the help of the CTA.

Interested in using CTA in your marketing campaign? Let’s first learn what CTAs are, some of the types they have, and tips for effective making them.

What is call to action?

As the name suggests, a CTA is an image, text, link, or button specially designed to encourage prospects and prospects to take a specific action.

A call to action is compiled from verbs or phrases that can provide direction or instructions to the audience on what process or steps they can take next.

Examples such as contact us / contact us, add to cart / add to cart, register now / register now, and so on.

Interestingly, the CTA is considered one of the most important and integral parts of any email marketing campaign. In fact, an email that adds a call-to-action can get up to 371% clicks and increase sales by 1617%.

Not only in emails, CTAs are also used on websites. Marketers will typically complement the CTA with an interactive design so they can grab their audience’s attention and encourage them to click through.

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Call To Action Types Should You Know

Several types of CTAs that you need to know.
Now, let’s understand some of the types of CTAs and their benefits!

1. Product / Service Direction

Product direction is the most common type of CTA and is found on the business web. Its use is to direct visitors to a product/service page of a brand. For inspiration, you can learn how to make concessions about implementing this CTA. Product or service directions CTA CTA

2. Leading the Generation

This type of CTA helps you attract prospects’ attention, then turn them into prospects or people who are interested in the product/service you offer. You can add CTA lead generation to blogs, email marketing, and landing pages.

3. Lead nurture

This type of CTA is used to build a relationship with the referrals you have. The trick is to present content and offers that can illustrate that your brand is better than competitors.

For example, you can use CTA’s Lead maintenance to offer a product demo, free trial, or present a complete guide for your product/service. Well, the following Microsoft websites can be inspiring. Contact cta leads the maintenance.

4. Read more

Would you like to feature a blog post fragment, press release, or another type of content on your homepage? Then add a CTA Read more (read more / read more) is the right choice. This way, you can still promote various posts without having to sacrifice your homepage space and keep it looking clean.

5. Social Sharing

Social Sharing can encourage visitors to share your content on various social media. That said, this type of CTA is very useful for increasing the visibility and engagement rate of your brand outside of the website.

This Hubspot blog page can be used as an example of using social sharing CTA. CTA Social Sharing.

6. Submission Form

You also don’t want to miss the opportunity to turn your visitor’s leads right? One effective way to do this is to add a CTA form submission.

7. Promotion Event promotion

This type of CTA can be relied on to promote the event you hold through multiple channels, then convince a large audience to participate in the agenda.

Alternatively, you can also use it to display special offers via your web and email. CTA on the following Adobe site you can make an example. CTA CTA Promotion Event.

8. Closing of sales.

The closing sales CTA is focused on increasing the number of sales of your brand. This type is usually displayed on product/service pages and at the end of blog content. You can direct your audience to contact your sales team or add products/services to their shopping cart.

4 Tips to Create an Effective Call to Action

Ready to add a CTA to your various marketing content? Let’s first take a look at the following tips!.

1. Place it in the right area

The location where the CTA is placed has a huge effect on the traffic that the CTA gets. For a website, for example, a CTA can appear on the landing page top, middle, or below. Apart from that, you can also use the sidebar, blog content bottom area, or pop-up window to install interesting calls.

To be sure, you can freely try out all the placement options, then analyze which areas get the most traffic through your web analytics.

Alternatively, you can use Heatmap Analytics such as Hotjar Heatmaps to find out which parts of the website your visitors clicked or accessed the most. Heatmaps website.

2. Create an attractive design

Next, make sure that your CTA has a captivating design and looks harmonious with the rest of the web or email. Then, also consider the contrast between your CTA and your page. Choose a color, font type, and text size that is easy for your audience to read and recognize.

3. Select the appropriate text

The choice of words is also an important factor in your call-to-action agreement. Always use text that is easy to understand and clearly describes the marketing target or offer you are making. Don’t let visitors feel cheated because they are directed to a page that does not match what is written in the CTA.

And again, since the CTA aims to convince visitors to be willing to take a certain action, make sure you write it with clear, simple instructions using active words. Sample download, learn more / Learn more, buy now / buy now, and so on.

4. Optimize a sense of urgency

Less importantly, you can also maximize the sense of urgency to encourage your audience to click CTA as soon as possible. For example, you can add information that your offer time is limited or that only a few shares are available. Well, the following Adidas websites should be inspiring.

Let’s Create Your CTA

After reading this article, you will understand what a CTA is and the critical role it plays in the success of your brand marketing campaign. Not only, it also learns different CTA type options and their functions.

So how? Do you think the CTA type is best suited for your current marketing target?

To make sure, so that the use of CTA can be maximized, don’t forget to apply the following tips:

  1. Know which areas your audience has the most access to.
  2. Design a CTA display that aligns with your brand personality and can captivate visitors.
  3. Write text that truly describes the purpose or benefits of the CTA.
  4. Increase audience desire to click CTAs by taking advantage of the sense of urgency.

Good luck!

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