What is a Freelancer Job? A Guide For Freelancing

What is a Freelancer Job? A Guide For Freelancing infomediaku.net

The development of internet technology makes some people choose to work flexibly without being tied down by offices and sometimes boring daily work times. They work from home, their favorite coffee shop, co-working space, or while traveling, and can choose their own working hours, whether part-time or full-time.

What is a Freelancer Job?

What is a freelancer job? Freelancer job is self-employed, independent, and do not have a work agreement with the employer (company). That is why this type of worker cannot be called an employee of the company and is free to determine who the client is and what he wants to do. For example, a copywriter can work on product promotional content from two companies whose businesses compete with each other.

For companies, hiring freelance workers is more efficient than recruiting new employees for similar jobs. This is because the company only needs to pay a fee for the work requested, and there is no need to bother paying salaries, benefits, insurance, and other payments which are the company’s routine salary expenses.

In addition, freelancers generally have expertise in their fields, such as content writing and editing, photography, videography / film-making, graphic design, illustrators, copywriting, translators, interior design, website design, application development, and digital marketing. In fact, there are those who have even more specific skills, such as food photography or writing content specifically for technology, finance, and property.

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For example, if your company needs a company profile or brand campaign creation service, all you need to do is browse a number of marketplaces that provide freelance services, then offer the type of work and the unit. If there are freelance workers who are interested. They will pitch about what they can do for your company by including a portfolio, complete with completion period and fee amount. You can choose which one suits your needs and agree to give him a job.

Your company may submit a revision 1 or 2 times before the approval process if there are parts that need to be fixed. If the work results have been approved. The company must pay a fee according to the maturity agreed at the beginning. For example, no later than 7 working days after the work is completed and received by the client. Some marketplaces impose a penalty of a certain percentage of the fee payment is late.

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How Do You Calculate The Fee or Salary for Freelance Workers?

Previously, it was necessary to understand that the freelance work system was not based on working time, so that freelancers were not paid daily, weekly, or monthly. Freelance work systems are results-oriented, not process-oriented.

You don’t need to know how a freelance worker completes the work you give him, whether he works 15 hours a day or just 3 hours a day. You also don’t need where it works from. What is important, the results of the work are completed according to the deadline and are satisfactory.

For this reason, freelance workers are paid based on the work unit. The method of calculating the salary is also simple, namely by multiplying the number of jobs by the unit wage.

For example, suppose a freelance worker is paid $ 100 dollars for each copywriting article. If the company orders three pieces of branding content, the person gets paid $300 dollars.

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How to Freelance work?

The following are freelance work steps that you need to know

1. Registration

Before registering as a freelancer, you should look for references and ratings from various freelance sites. When you have determined which choice is the best, then you are required to register. How to? It’s easy enough just by registering an email, filling in your personal data, and choosing a payment system.

You also have to choose the right freelance field according to your expertise. In addition, you can also apply to the first party directly by sending your application and personal data.

2. Clients or Business Owners Looking for Freelancers

After registering or creating a profile on freelance sites. Furthermore, clients or business owners will look for freelancers on the site according to the required job category. The employer then selects a freelancer according to the required criteria.

It is not uncommon for employers or clients to create threads on freelance marketplace sites about the type of work required. Next, there will be freelancers who offer their services.

3. Freelancers Doing Jobs

After the client or employer has chosen one freelancer according to the required criteria. Furthermore, the selected freelancer must do the task according to the agreement.

In this case, it is usually an agreement agreed upon by both parties regarding the duration of time working on the task or the cost of the work. After that, just do it according to the client’s request.

4. Freelancers Must Do the Work According to the Agreement

A freelancer is required to complete tasks in accordance with the agreed time period. Not only that, the task must be completed according to the specifications or briefs requested by the client or employer. Don’t get yourself wrongdoing the job.

If you still don’t understand, you can ask directly to the client. The client is also required to provide a specific and detailed explanation of the required brief. In addition, you must also provide a payment deposit to the marketplace site used.

5. After Tasks are Completed, Freelancers Send Files to Clients

After the freelancer has finished working on the task requested by the client within a certain deadline, the files will be sent directly to the client. File sending can be via email or other. If the client agrees or is satisfied with the results of the freelancer’s work, the task is considered complete.

A freelancer must always be ready when a client asks for revisions. Revisions are related to tasks carried out not in accordance with the initial agreement. In this case, the freelancer must immediately complete the requested fix.

6. Get Paid

After the assigned task is complete, the freelancer will get payment. Freelancers will get paid in their accounts. The nominal amount of money received is in accordance with the initial agreement of both parties.

So that’s how freelancing works that you should know and understand. Knowing how to freelance work is very important before you decide to pursue this field. Hopefully the information above can provide many benefits.

That’s all our discussion about what is a freelancer job. We hope you can understand about this article. Good luck.

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