What is Email Marketing? Defintion, Tips, And Strategy

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In this era of all that requires technology, almost everyone uses email to meet their various needs. For those who use a computer or laptop on a daily basis, of course, they have an email account too. The email has services that are free to pay, such as email marketing. What is email marketing?

Email marketing has now become one of the strategies that are widely used by various companies today for marketing. Email marketing can be used simply even for large companies or businesses.

However, before using it you also need to know and understand more deeply what email marketing is.

By knowing what email marketing is, it will be easier for you to use it for the benefit of companies and businesses.

In this article, you can read more about what is email marketing, why email marketing is important for your business, types of email marketing, tips, and tricks on using email marketing for companies and businesses.

Want to know about all of these explanations? Below is a further explanation.

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that has been used for a long time and is still popular today. Why is that? Because the results or feedback obtained are quite satisfying and do not require a budget that is too large in its implementation.

This of course can have an effect on increasing product sales with more efficient operating costs. That is what makes many business people like this one marketing technique.

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Even so, there are also some business people who think that sending email activities like this is no longer very effective, given the change in habits in society, especially among internet users who are now more active on social media. They assess that most users today tend to access social media more than email.

Of course, this is not entirely true. Because based on a lot of research that has been done, it is known that current email users reach 3.7 billion users. For the next few years, it is estimated that this figure will continue to grow. Therefore, it’s no wonder that email promotions are still in great demand.

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Why is Email Marketing Very Important for Your Business?

Even though social media is currently one of the most important channels for a business, the reason why email marketing is still essential is that not everyone uses social media. Especially if your target business consumers are not millennials.

If they don’t have social media, these people are likely to still have emails that they use for personal or work purposes. Here are 8 reasons why email marketing is very important for your business.

1. Effective at Attracting Customers

Social media is indeed effective for interacting and building relationships with consumers. However, if you want to attract them to become customers, email marketing is the right choice.

In fact, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40% more effective at reaching consumers than Twitter and Facebook. Because email marketing is not determined based on an algorithm like on Twitter or Instagram, the reach of your business consumers can also be wider.

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2. More Personal

In this digital era, consumers are bombarded with all kinds of content and messages, and they will usually be more responsive to messages that are personal. Email marketing allows you to communicate more personally with consumers.

Via email, you can customize your content based on their preferences and purchase history. Likewise with audience segmentation, which you can also adjust yourself.

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3. Can Save Your Business Expenses

Email marketing allows you to reach a wide audience hearing it costs a fortune.

Compared to advertising through brochures or in print media, radio, or TV, which clearly requires more funds, email marketing is much more cost-effective and time-efficient.

With just a few clicks, you can send messages to hundreds or even thousands of audiences.

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4. Encouraging Consumers to Take Action

Consciously not aware, we are trained to respond to emails, whether it’s replying, forwarding, registering, opening other pages, and so on. You can encourage consumers to take a specific action via email marketing by simply adding a call-to-action button.

This button can be directed to many things, such as directing your audience to your online store’s website, offering discounts, inviting them to shop, or sharing content on social media.

With the button, consumers will immediately direct their attention to the button, increasing the likelihood that they will press it.

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5. Measurable

By using analytical tools for email marketing, you no longer need to guess whether your audience received your email, did they read it, and so on.

Through analytic tools, you can find out how effective your campaign is, how many people open and read your email, how many of them click the CTA button, and so on.

By knowing these things, you can know the preferences of your target customers, which strategies are working and which are not, and make adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your business.

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6. Can be Automated

You don’t need to waste time sending messages one by one to your target customers. Now, there are many automation tools that you can use for email marketing for your business. Automating your email can help you increase the relevance and timeliness of your message delivery.

For example, there is a consumer who visits your online selling website and has entered a product into a shopping cart but he does not proceed to payment.

With email automation, you can encourage and remind these consumers to continue the buying process. So you have more control and can personalize the message you want to convey.

Apart from that, you can also save time with automation tools. You don’t have to compose the same message over and over again. For example, a ‘welcome‘ email or a ‘thank you‘ email because you can send it automatically.

7. Can be Integrated with Other Marketing Channels

Because the content is freer, you can integrate other marketing channels in the body of the email such as adding videos or adding social media buttons to the email.

The email you send to target consumers is more interactive and can support other marketing channels for your business. For example, you are holding a giveaway, you can share this with your target consumers via email to increase engagement and participation.

8. Increase Traffic to the Web Selling Online

Email marketing is an effective way to directly target consumers to your online store website, be it a product page or a blog content page. For example, you just released a new product.

If you just announce it on the online selling web, customers or prospective buyers who don’t visit your online selling website will miss this information.

With email marketing, you can inform them so they can check out this new product on the online store website and ultimately increase their purchases.

Imagine you have 10 thousand email list contacts with a click-through rate (CTR) of 5%. Even if only 5% of those 10 thousand contacts open your email, that means as many as 500 people will find out about your new product! The impact is significant, right?

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Top 5 Types Of Email Marketing Should You Use

We will discuss various forms of email marketing that can be used to drive the growth of your business.

1. Welcome Email

This email is the first email your audience will receive when subscribing to your marketing email. In the welcome email, you can give a welcome, welcome to join, or thank you for subscribing to the audience who subscribed.

You can also give a personal impression by mentioning your name or directly providing interesting and informative content. So that the audience can have a good first impression and have a tendency to open further emails.

2. Thank You Email

You can send a Thank you email when the audience is involved in something with the brand.

For example during registration, attending an event, downloading something, making purchases, and other activities that your business has. This email can show appreciation as well as build a special closeness between your audience and your brand.

3. Newsletter

Through newsletters, you can send any form of publication you want. These publications are generally in the form of information such as articles and the latest news, although not limited to that.

You can also submit other themes such as new product notifications or premium content that your subscribed email audience may only get.

You can send this form of email regularly, either daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also give preference to the audience if you want to receive it within a certain time.

4. Promotional Email

One of the important benefits of using email marketing as a marketing strategy is that you can send measurable promotions to your audience. You can send promotional forms such as the latest events, discounts or limited vouchers, or other forms of promotion that your business needs.

For the audience, this can also be beneficial because they can get the information earlier, and in some cases, they get special promotions because they have subscribed via email.

You can also include a call to action in the email so that the audience can easily go to the place needed to take advantage of the promotion.

5. Email Survey

Not only promotions but email marketing also provides an opportunity for your business to get direct feedback from your audience. You can use this survey to find out customer satisfaction and needs, as well as make efforts to improve your business.

To lure the audience to fill out the survey, you can provide a lead magnet such as a bonus, discount, or voucher for those who have filled it out.

If used properly, the five forms of email marketing above can help you to build interaction and attract your audience to become consumers. Apart from that, you can also build closeness with your audience through these interactions.

Of course, the form of email marketing is not only limited to these five forms, you can find other forms that suit the function and purpose of sending the email.

Tips for Using Email Marketing

For those of you who want to try marketing strategies using email marketing, there are several things that must be understood first to maximize this type of digital marketing strategy.

If you do it right and effectively, email marketing is even more profitable and can generate up to 4 times the return on investment (ROI).

So, what should be done to get started with email marketing for your business? Check out the following description!

1. Start With Careful Planning

The first thing that must be prepared when you want to do email marketing is planning. Make sure you have prepared careful planning and in accordance with your business targets. Do research on the target audience in detail and correctly.

Then, you can ask yourself first, why do you need to send this e-mail? Then continue with the question, to whom should the email be sent? What are the benefits and what are the targets to be achieved from doing so?

The answers to all these questions will help you determine what offer you will give to your recipient or potential customer.

2. Determine Your Target Audience

The next thing is to determine the target audience. Each product certainly has a different function or benefit. Often the function that each product has is related to the conditions of the people who use it, both in terms of age, location, and needs.

You must determine this target audience from the start because it will greatly affect the sales of your product or service. Proper audience segmentation has the potential to increase your email being seen and read to the end by potential customers who get emailed from you.

3. Create a More Personal Message

Creating a personalized message for each customer is a simple way in an internet marketing business that you can try through email marketing. When sending an email, state the name of the recipient of the email.

In this way, you simultaneously show the recipient of the email that you make the email personally for each person, not a message that is copied and pasted for many people.

Avoiding using one message template to be sent to all your potential customers can also prevent you from thinking that you are spamming which makes the recipient of the email less interested in opening and reading the email.

You can also use a language style that is attractive and in accordance with the target audience. The reason is when you successfully send a personal message to prospective customers.

You will be judged to understand what is needed by them. So, the likelihood that they will be more interested in the products and services offered is getting bigger.

4. Create Automatic Email Sending

Once you’ve done all of the above, the next step is to automate sending emails to customers. Currently, there is an email service that allows you to arrange delivery schedules, audience segmentation, and various other important things.

Send messages automatically can be the best solution to save your time. The e-mail service that you use can be configured so that you can reply to all your questions and send certain information in the format you want.

Do You Interest to Do Email Marketing?

That’s all tips for starting a digital marketing strategy via email are highly recommended for you.

In addition to providing a very high chance of success in terms of promotion and marketing, the email marketing techniques reviewed in this article are very easy for you to do.

However, if you are still confused and hesitant to do it yourself, try working with a digital agency.

That was what email marketing was all about. If you have questions, suggestions or criticism, please write in the comments box below. And share this article on your social media accounts so that your friends can also get the same benefits.

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